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Connecting With Consumers Through Unique Pest Control Campaigns

September 25, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

As part of a need-based industry, it is important for pest control companies to create memorable campaigns that resonate with audiences, helping the brands be top of mind when pest services come to be needed. Through informative and entertaining content, the following three pest control companies created connections with old and new customers to stand out from the competition.

Orkin Emphasizes The Peaceful Bliss After Getting Rid Of Pests

Orkin’s “Home Is Where The Bugs Aren’t” campaign features multiple videos of people sitting cool, calm and collected in their homes, no longer having to worry about bugs or rodents. With just one sentence popping up on the screen stating how these individuals are now free from bugs, Orkin draws attention to people’s fears about having rodents in their homes. The pest control company takes a different approach from traditional pest control advertisements and shines the spotlight on the happy homeowners, not the pests. By having minimal sound in their ads, Orkin sells the idea of the calm that can come with the absence of pests. Dustin Ballard, Copywriter for the Orkin campaign says, “We wanted to move away from the basic formula of the ‘Have bugs? We can solve the problem’ approach to advertising in our category. When Orkin provides service to our customers, the absence of bugs is the main benefit. We thought this campaign was a clever way of getting that message across.”

In addition to the “Home Is Where The Bugs Aren’t” campaign, Orkin promotes its brand through social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, with pictures of their workers giving back through community service, blog posts about partnerships with other companies and discounted offers to customers. Their hashtag, #AlwaysWorkin showcases that, no matter what, Orkin’s employers are always determined to find and eliminate pests, making sure individuals feel at peace in their homes.

Terminix Is Committed To Protecting Homes From Pests Immediately

Terminix makes contemplating the need to call in a bug exterminator a much more interesting proposition than one might expect. In their film noir-style commercial, the macho “Terminix Man” assertively marches in the darkness toward a home that is barely visible, determined to terminate pests. The tagline, “Not Here. Not Now. Not In My House.” indicates that the Terminix Man will make sure to get the job done immediately. On their various platforms, Terminix shares interesting facts and information including past studies done on bugs, statistics on the top 50 termite infested cities and videos on how certain termite treatments work. Individuals can also communicate with the brand by sharing their opinions through polls available at the end of each week. Terminix crawls the web of social media to engage with their customers to help stop the things that bug them.

Roscoe Sniffs Out Bed Bugs 

Roscoe The Bed Bug Dog is well known throughout the New York metro region as a lead canine inspector. The beagle is a cute and friendly detective who sniffs out where bed bugs are hiding in homes, stores and offices. Through the “Where’s Roscoe?” television commercials for Bell Environmental, he has gained popularity for his skills to hunt down unwanted bed bugs. In this particular commercial, multiple individuals ask a Bell Environmental employee, “Where’s Roscoe?” in which the employee replies, “He’s working!” Bell Environmental shows that Roscoe works diligently every single day to find and eliminate bed bugs, no matter where they may be hiding.

Individuals can connect with Roscoe by friending him on Facebook and following him on Twitter. On these platforms, he shares his latest tips on solving bed bug problems, observations and photos of his adventures with his fellow dog detectives. What’s more, when users use the hashtag, #Where’sRoscoe? Roscoe replies back and says where he currently is or where he is headed to next.

Standing Out From The Rest Of The Crowd

By producing memorable campaigns that resonate and using social media to engage with consumers, pest control brands build the necessary brand awareness to become top of mind when pest issues arrive. First-party data can also produce powerful results. Pest control companies that generate massive first-party lists, like through subscriber acquisition campaigns, can send informative emails of their services to potential customers throughout the year. As a result, when pest issues arise, those brands are likely to have messaging already in their prospective customer’s inboxes.

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