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DTC Home Brands Reach Design-Happy Consumers With Messaging That Encourages Action

June 9, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Several factors contributed to the recent rise in redecorating and renovations, including the pandemic, which had people hunkered down and noticing what they wanted to change in their living spaces, an increase in home sales and the need to work from home and create spaces that are multifunctional. “People will spend more time and effort in designing a unique working space to maximize their concentration, motivation and productivity,” said Jing Xue, COO and co-founder of DecorMatters. “Things like location, colors, decorations and furniture have a big effect on [people’s] mental and physical state.” 

The growth of ecommerce during the pandemic, and the continued popularity of online shopping even as the country returns to some normalcy, also impacted how and where people shop for their housewares and furnishings. For example, Wayfair saw “total net revenue [rise] 55% from 2019 to $14.1 billion [in 2020]” according to reporter Caroline Jansen in a Retail Dive article on the future of home retailers post-pandemic. Jansen speculates that, in addition to the home refreshes many completed or planned during the pandemic, there’s likely to be interest in replacing items that have gotten more wear and tear and in sprucing up spaces that have grown stale. 

Home brands across the category, from bedding to paint, are capitalizing on recent demand with digital advertising campaigns designed to engage audiences and encourage action.

Buffy.Co Promotes Unique Bedding Products With Free Trial, a company that specializes in unique bed linens, pillows and comforters, offers free seven-day trials for customers who want to try out their sheets and pillows prior to paying. For many people, the risk of buying online without being able to touch or feel a product is a hindrance to making a purchase. By offering free trials, Buffy offers an option that alleviates concerns. DTC brands that provide a variety of unique purchasing, shipping and delivery options can often differentiate from their competitors and leverage this optionality in advertising and marketing campaigns. 

In addition to offering free trials, Buffy leans into its sustainability messaging, explaining, “We’re working towards a world where you can have everything you need to feel more at home — from the comforter on your bed to the rugs beneath your feet — without a harsh impact on the earth, or your wallet.” Buffy shares its brand purpose, and the release of new products and updates, on its Facebook page and via email, which consumers can opt into on the Buffy website. 

Clare Disrupts The Paint Industry With DTC Approach, Deploying Social Media Campaigns To Reach Consumers

For many DTC brands, disrupting the “old way” of doing business is a significant part of their advertising strategies. Clare, a startup paint company, explains, “Paint shopping used to be a hassle. Now it’s not. We’ve reimagined a whole new paint shopping experience with designer-curated colors, technology to guide you, mess-free paint swatches, and the highest-quality paint and supplies, delivered.” Katharine Schwab of Fast Company compares Clare to successful DTC startups like Casper, Away and Warby Parker, who also aimed to “reimagine the experience around a decidedly unglamorous product.”

Clare uses storytelling and inspiration to drive interest in its brand, both on the Clare blog and across social media channels. By explaining the benefits of Clare products, featuring articles that include inspiration from interior designers and lifestyle content, Clare is able to connect with consumers who want something a little different and innovative. On Instagram, the paint brand encourages Clare consumers to use the #shareyourclare hashtag and share how they used Clare paints. Hashtags are a common way for many users to start and share their design journeys on Instagram. For many brands, popular hashtags help determine design trends and create appealing content for organic growth.

Albany Park Targets Apartment Dwellers With First-Time Buyer Promotions & Fast Shipping Of Easy-To-Assemble Sofas

For apartment dwellers in cities, rents can be high and spaces tight, which can make buying the right furniture, at the right price, tricky. Albany Park targets apartment renters and owners with its line of smaller, modular couches and chairs that are shipped quickly in “space conscious” packing for putting together on site. First-time buyers spending more than $1,000 get $100 off purchases, and Albany Park works with Affirm, a buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) brand, to let shoppers spread out their payments. 

Free shipping and returns, fast turnaround, payment flexibility and discounts, and no need to “pivot” big couches around tight corners are all part of what differentiates Albany Park from traditional furniture brands. And, by eliminating many of the pain points of couch shopping, Albany Park is able to appeal to its niche audience through its messaging and promotions. 

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