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Freshly Uses “Data In Real Time” To Meet Consumer Expectations

January 28, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Freshly uses “data in real time” to show their commitment to customer satisfaction and to perfect their meal service. Freshly, a subscription meal service that delivers fresh single-serve meals, believes proactive data mining provides meals that are just right, and keeps Freshly ahead of the curve – in quality and business – from other meal services that only use traditional pre-launch product testing.

Customers Rank Their Meals, And Freshly Chefs Go Back To The Kitchen

Each week that customers get meals from Freshly, they can log on and rate their overall meals, proteins, side dishes portion sizes and offer additional feedback. Emily Buckley, Freshly Senior Director of Product Portfolio, explains, “Because food is a subjective and emotional experience, it’s inherently tricky to gauge how customers will respond prior to getting that food into their hands. So, as a direct-to-consumer (DTC) business that gets over 15,000 unique ratings on our meals each week, we have the unique ability to leverage live data to optimize every meal available, even when those meals are already live on our menu.”

By prioritizing nearly instant consumer feedback, Freshly, or any brand choosing to use data in real time, can mindfully apply that recently acquired information to tweak and perfect their products and services instead of releasing them and moving on. For example, according to customer reviews, Freshly’s Tikka Masala was bland and inauthentic. Freshly then made the dish spicier and more true to the original dish and the ratings went through the roof.

Data In Real Time Can Offer The Personalization Consumers Crave

The marketing story of 2020 is consumers increasingly demanding personalized service from brands. Personalization can range from relevant and targeted consumer recommendations to making consumers feel listened to — a byproduct of using data in real time and the subsequent product changes. Personalization makes consumers feel valued by brands and more likely to stick around.

Of course, as Freshly admits, customer ratings are only one part of the puzzle when understanding consumers and applying their preferences to product evolutions. “In favor of data diversification, Freshly combines reviews with information gleaned from sales, site behavior, surveys, focus groups, user experiences, customer profiles and more,” said Buckley.

The meal kit market is predicted to keep going strong and stay competitive. For brands to remain relevant, they must embrace a holistic approach to data, a strategy that should create a better overall product, increase consumer loyalty and scale revenues. Using data in real time is one more way to combine effective brand building with strategic data usage.

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