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Hearing Aid Campaigns: 3 Examples Of Stigma-Free Marketing

November 13, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Hearing aids and hearing loss may seem like subjects reserved for the doctor’s office, but they are topics that affect people’s everyday lives, with nearly 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. Many people may avoid getting hearing aids when they first need them due to cost, inaccessibility and the fear of being perceived as old or uncool. The following three hearing aid marketing campaigns strive to remove the negative stigma of utilizing hearing aids while showcasing that everyone should appreciate the wonderful world of hearing.

Audicus Highlights The Moments That Truly Matter  

The touching campaign by Audicus, as shown in the TV example below, brings the viewer inside what it sounds like to be hard of hearing. A grandfather is enjoying quality time outside with his grandson, but cannot quite make out what his grandson is saying. The issue is solved instantly once he puts on his new discreet, customized and affordable hearing aid. This commercial is a sweet reminder to treasure even the small and simple moments of life.

Audicus created the hashtag #VoicesofAudicus so users can go on Instagram to see interviews of inspiring Audicus customers who found empowerment due to their hearing aids. Audicus users are also encouraged to share their own personal stories, creating a library of user-generated content (UGC) for Audicus and a more positive and uplifting dialogue around hearing loss.

Phonak Defies Stereotypes Of Older People

Lyric add showing male and female leaning on a car near water that reads “My midlife crisis is obvious. My hearing aid is not.”

Phonak’s print campaign promotes Lyric, their “invisible” hearing aid. It features a middle-aged couple enjoying life with a bold and witty headline: “My midlife crisis is obvious. My hearing aid is not.” The campaign aims to eschew negative hearing aid stereotypes and, instead, shows how hearing aids are a solution to help people live life to the fullest.

Signia Focuses On The Benefit Of Hearing The World Around You

Signia’s commercial depicts the importance of being able to clearly hear the world around us and enjoy what life has to offer. In one of their commercials, there are various sound-filled scenes, including a conductor conducting an orchestra, a woman meeting up with her friend and a group of individuals eating at a restaurant together. The Signia commercial shows how hearing aids can significantly reduce hearing effort throughout the day by highlighting speech in a wide variety of listening situations. With Signia hearing aids, they convey, individuals can effortlessly “hear all the colors of sound and understand how #LifeSoundsBrilliant.”

By effectively addressing the complications and embarrassment that comes with getting hearing aids for many consumers, smart hearing aid brands are showing how they understand and help consumers overcome hurdles.

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