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LinkedIn Launches Enhanced Targeting Tools: Just The Facts

October 14, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

On October 1, LinkedIn announced the release of new tools to enable marketers to better target and understand results of their paid advertising campaigns: more robust audience forecasting, Boolean logic and enhanced demographic reporting capabilities.

LinkedIn Forecasted Results target audience breakdowns

What Updates Were Made To LinkedIn’s Audience Forecasting Tools?

LinkedIn introduced a new “segment breakdown” feature to its forecasted results tab. Segment breakdown options include function, seniority, years of experience, company size, industry and interests. Instead of a general overview of the projected audience size, as LinkedIn offered previously, marketers are now able to view estimates of their target audience breakdowns directly via the dashboard as they are creating ads.

How Can LinkedIn’s New Boolean Logic Be Used To Target Ads?

LinkedIn’s addition of Boolean logic (using “and/or” queries) enables marketers to expand or refine their targeting by combining common profile elements like job function, seniority and industries into a single campaign.

LinkedIn produced a video explaining how “or” queries can be used to expand audiences, for example by targeting LinkedIn users with “engineering” in their job titles or with “engineering” in their list of skills. “And” queries, meanwhile, can be used to further narrow an audience, for example by targeting LinkedIn users with “engineering” in their job titles who also have five or more years of experience.

What New Demographic Reporting Capabilities Are Available On LinkedIn?

Previously, LinkedIn offered demographic reporting, including job titles, companies, seniority and industries, on audiences that clicked on or converted on LinkedIn ads. With the new demographic reporting enhancement, LinkedIn now provides demographic information on audiences interacting with other types of content including watching video ads, filling out LinkedIn’s Lead Gen forms and opening sponsored InMail messages.

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