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Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces The Jewel Stool To Celebrate March Madness… And More

March 28, 2019 Sarah Cavill

march madness

To everything there is a season — including vasectomies. And not so coincidentally the season of snipping coincides with March Madness when corporate losses ring in at $4 billion due to unproductive workers. “41% more vasectomies [were performed] on the Friday of the first week of 2016 March Madness than on a typical Friday,” according to researchers at athenahealth network. (An overall uptick of 30% more vasectomies for the week was also observed.) A well-timed vasectomy could result in 48 basketball games being watched without interruption during strategic and prescribed rest and relaxation.

March Madness And Urology: A Likely Partnership?

The ultimate alignment between man and sport has not gone unnoticed by urologists, who for many years have been marketing March vasectomies as the best time to get the snip — even giving away free vasectomies in promotional contests.

And, while there is some speculation about whether March Madness is really the reason for the uptick in vasectomies and how much is urban legend, it hasn’t stopped one brand from creating a fun promotion around the data soundbite.

Buffalo Wild Wings Introduces The Jewel Stool With A Clever Commercial

The Jewel Stool Buffalo Wild Wings

Enter the “Jewel Stool.” A chair designed* for the recently snipped man who just wants to enjoy his beer and his basketball. The “Jewel Stool” is available for sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) locations in Koreatown, LA, and Times Square, NY. Created to chill both jewels and beer, the “Jewel Stool” is being promoted in a hilarious commercial sure to bring brand awareness to BWW.

When trying to appeal to a niche market, latching onto a small piece of data like the vasectomy statistic can be a successful entry point for a humorous or informative marketing effort. For BWW, the “Jewel Stool” promotion is about appealing to the fandom and togetherness so ingrained in watching sports. “This year, at Buffalo Wild Wings, we will celebrate true fandom by translating unbeatable moments on the court into unforgettable experiences in our sports bars. One of those unforgettable experiences could be with the Jewel Stool — a place to recover without sacrificing the viewing experience,” says Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer at BWW.

As for the average man, a father of two at the DMS office put it pretty succinctly: “I’m holding off until Olympic hockey.”

*Not really. Please consult your physician about where and how to actually sit after a vasectomy.

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