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Oreo Partners With Alexa For Their Mystery Oreo Promotion

October 7, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, there was only one kind of Oreo. Created by Nabisco in 1912 and made in New York City, the original Oreo was the chocolate sandwich cookie most Oreo enthusiasts know and love.

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Oreo Limited Edition Flavors Take Oreo Connoisseurs By Storm

Beginning in 2010, Oreo started releasing limited edition Oreos in curious flavors like Swedish Fish and Root Beer. The strangeness of the flavors could have been a gamble, but the risk has been rewarding for the heritage brand, “Our Oreo flavor buyers buy 50% more Oreo than the average buyer,” said Justin Parnell, the Senior Marketing Director for Oreo. “We see that they’re buying Oreo for more occasions, whether it’s a holiday Oreo cookie for more festive occasions, the original cookie for those simple moments when you just want the good old classic or when we do something really different and exciting like a Peeps/Oreo partnership.”

With specialty Oreos came specialty marketing campaigns. The latest campaign is in support of the Mystery Oreo, which was released on September 16th. It looks like a classic Oreo, but… isn’t. That’s where audiences come in. Curious Oreo eaters can log onto and guess the mystery flavor for the chance to win $50,000. (Even wrong guesses are entered to win the prize.)

Alexa And Celebrities Chip In To Offer Clues About The Mystery Oreo

To help audiences out, Oreo is dropping hints about the Mystery Oreo flavor. There will be three different Mystery Oreo pack styles with different clues, and each Monday there will be a new clue on (The current clue is: “Its name it stole and history kept. Perhaps from a creature that lives on the steppe?")

Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews are getting in on the action, tasting the Mystery Oreo and posting their guesses on Instagram.

A new partnership between Alexa and Oreo, also bequeaths Alexa the power of clue-giver. Users can ask “Alexa, what’s new with Oreo?” and be given a clue. “At Oreo, we love being playful with our fans and are thrilled to see that they are already tapping into that playful spirit and using their sleuthing skills to uncover the new mystery flavor,” said Danielle Freid, Mondelez Brand Manager

With 65% of users aged 25-49 using their virtual assistants at least once a day, voice can be a successful strategy to reach more audiences. However, voice search has shown mixed results across the board and should be deployed carefully.

For the promotion of the Mystery Oreo, the brand wisely chose a multichannel approach that appeals to a variety of fans. By implementing celebrity drop-ins, brick-and-mortar and digital components and fun activations for tech-friendly cookie-fans, Oreo is able to reach a wider audience and continue the growth of their specialty product.

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