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Pinterest Features Help Brands Reach Diverse Audiences

September 10, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

Shutterstock_1026979399 Kyiv, Ukraine - Fabruary 6, 2018: Apple iPad Gold with Pinterest app on the screen on black desk, top view. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website

Pinterest’s latest platform features and enhancements can help brands reach new customers and move some of the site’s 400 million monthly active users (MAUs) down the sales funnel with a seamless shopping experience within the site.

Enhanced product pins, story pins, a try-on feature and skin-tone-based searches allow Pinterest to cater to specific preferences of the consumer. With 90% of weekly users making purchasing decisions on the site, these new features help Pinterest become a powerful platform rich with shoppable content.

Pinterest Tests New Shopping Features And Adds Shopping Spotlight

Pinterest is testing several ways to bring more attention to its product pins with labels and purchasing information conveniently located by the pin. Pinterest product pins are enriched with information like product description, pricing and availability, and are formatted to let users know that the pins are shoppable. 

Pinterest product pins are being tested with labels such as “popular” and “bestseller,” based on purchasing trends. Other valuable product information, such as price, product reviews and shipping information, is positioned next to product pins, with the information aggregated from brands’ ecommerce sites.

“Millions of people come to Pinterest every month to find inspiration about what to try and buy,” said a Pinterest spokesperson. “That’s why we’re continuing to make it easier for Pinners to find products from trusted merchants.”

Today’s consumers expect instant information and an easy shoppable experience without too many clicks, and Pinterest is working to meet those expectations. Pinterest shoppable content is created by brands to increase audience engagement across content, including videos, recipes and articles, about specific products for sale. The products consumers are learning about can be purchased by clicking on links within the content directly on Pinterest.

Pinterest Expands Beauty Market Diversity With Try-On And Skin-Tone Features

Pinterest is responding to the needs of diverse audiences by launching technology-rich features to curate items based on skin tone.

The term “beauty” is one of the most popular keywords searched on Pinterest among users. According to a recent Pinterest press release, women pinterest users are 2.4 times more likely to try different make-up products than when on other social media sites. The addition of the Pinterest try-on feature allows women to experiment with different products based on their skin tones. 

Pinterest Product Manager Anne Ta said, “Pinterest is the home of inspiration, but it’s hard to be inspired if you don’t feel represented.”  She noted that Pinterest is continuing to prioritize enhancing the Pinterestuser experience  by using technology and site enhancements to offer more relevant content, particularly in the ways users control the beauty content from search results. 

Pinterest Uses AR Technology For Virtual Shopping

Pinterest’s try-on AR feature, launched in January, uses lens search technology so users can experiment with more than 10,000 shades of lipsticks using the Pinterest app, available on Apple and Android devices. Users can buy the lipsticks they try on directly from retailers with a couple clicks. A photo of the products can also be saved as pins for later purchase. The feature is available in the U.S. and a few other countries with more Pinterest AR categories planned.

Skin Tone Search Enhances Content Results 

Improved search technology on Pinterest allows pinners to curate products based on their skin tone, starting with four shade palettes. The skin-tone feature allows pinners to define their searches by one of the four skin shade palettes in order to get more relevant results. The skin-tone feature was launched in 2018 but updated this August to be more prominent and deliver more accurate results. For example, a pinner can search for content for “brown hair ideas for fair skin and brown eyes” or “make-up ideas for brown skin and light eyes.” The skin-tone feature is also now integrated into the AR try-on feature so Pinners will get results with lipstick color suggestions based on the skin tone search.

Pinterest Launches Black-Owned Business Pinterest Shop

Year-over-year searches for “black-owned businesses” on Pinterest have increased 13 times from June 2019. In response to the demand, Pinterest launched their Black-owned business Pinterest shop in August to coincide with National Black-Owned Business Month. A Pinterest shop includes products curated by Pinterest and Pinterest users. The Pinterest Black-owned business shop features more than 20 Black-owned fashion and beauty businesses with more than 600 shoppable pins that link to the stores’ online checkout sites, allowing fewer clicks to purchase. There are more than 5,000 followers on the Pinterest black-owned business shop, and the shop is receiving more than 81,000 monthly viewers.

HBO Max Uses Story Pins Feature To Promote New Show

Shutterstock_1754907236 Los Angles, CA / USA - June 12, 2020: Hand holding a smartphone with the HBO Max app displayed

Pinterest story pins were originally tested in 2019 in countries outside the U.S., the second version of story pins was released in April 2020 in the U.S. for closed beta testing. Pinterest story pins, which have a story icon at the top left of the image, are made to share ideas with clickable content. Story pins can use video, images and text in a story-like format with up to 20 pages included on one pin without linking off the platform. Although Pinterest story pins are not yet widely available, pinners can apply to use story pins.

One of the earliest adopters of Pinterest story pins is HBO Max, which used the Pinterest feature to promote its cooking show Selena + Chef. Tapping into a social distancing format, the reality show features actress and singer Selena Gomez in her California home learning to cook from professional chefs offering remote instruction from their homes. HBO is using Pinterest to promote its unscripted cooking show by pinning exclusive content like recipes.  

How Can Digital Marketers Use Pinterest’s Features To Promote Their Brands?

Pinterest has a proven influence on consumers buying habits, and the addition of Pinterest features that move pinners down the sales funnel should support ecommerce efforts. With the shopping features Pinterest launched on the site over the last year, such as browsable catalogs, the today tab and Pinterest shops and the new AR-enhanced search features, Pinterest is now able to cater to an increasingly diverse list of users and offer in-app, seamless ecommerce solutions.

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