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What Is Reverse Positioning?

January 13, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Businesses are thinking outside the box and adopting innovative methods of marketing in an effort to gain the attention of their target audiences in unique ways. One of the more popular – and more successful – growing marketing tactics we are seeing is reverse positioning.

What Is Reverse Positioning?

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Traditional marketing methods rely on brands to identify their target audiences and convince them that their products or services meet consumer needs and outperform all competitors. Reverse positioning, on the other hand, is a marketing strategy in which brand or cause awareness, consumer appreciation and building brand value is of paramount importance.

The focus of reverse positioning is not on earning an immediate purchase, but rather educating consumers about aspects of a brand’s product or business that normally wouldn't be highlighted. This marketing strategy uses techniques such as informing consumers about the different features of products, how they were made, product function, environmental benefits, etc., all in an effort to build customer trust and loyalty.

Brands Continue To Prove The Impact Of Reverse Positioning

Patagonia launched its “Don’t Buy This” campaign, requesting customers to think twice before every purchase in order to avoid thoughtless consumerism. The campaign depicted Patagonia as an environmentally responsible brand that had sustainability as a core value. Similarly, Dove released its Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, focusing on the natural beauty of its consumers and celebrating the common women’s beauty, rather than promoting its products. The Real Beauty campaign resulted in sales of more than $1 billion, as consumers purchased Dove products because the company showed its goal wasn’t just to make sales, but to promote body positivity.

When done right, marketers that use reverse positioning can create a long-term, loyal customer base by allowing consumers to feel connected to the company and to identify with the brand. Reverse positioning reminds marketers: "The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing."

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