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3 Empowering Senior Enablement Marketing Campaigns

January 21, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

For millions of American seniors, living full, independent lives means having the right tools to assist with daily living activities including bathing, dressing, and climbing stairs, enabling seniors to feel safe in their homes. The following three senior enablement marketing campaigns showcase how these top brands can help make accomplishing everyday tasks significantly easier for the aging population.

Safe Step Walk-In Tub Helps Individuals Reach Nirvana

Stepping over a bathtub wall can be very dangerous for disabled seniors, or for anyone who may not feel completely steady on their feet. However, when these individuals have walk-in tubs, they can easily open their bathtub doors and safely step in. Safe Step Walk-In Tub has bathtubs that are specifically designed for seniors with their safety, comfort and convenience in mind. Safe Step Walk-In Tub’s commercial features iconic American singer Pat Boone boasting about his walk-in tub and how easy it is to use. He proudly states, “The 10 therapeutic hydro jets will melt away all your worries, cares, aches and pains like a dream.” Boone is then seen sitting in his walk-in tub as the background of his bathroom wall’s change to scenes of a beach, mountains and a waterfall. Safe Step Walk-In Tub emphasizes how seniors can enjoy their bathtubs at any time, without having to wait for help from someone else. Seniors can have the independence they deserve knowing that #SafetyNeverFeltSoGood.

MobileHelp And Samsung Revamp The Traditional Medical Alert System

Although it can greatly benefit their safety, some seniors are reluctant to wear traditional medical alert devices. MobileHelp Smart, a medical alert system created in partnership with Samsung, offers integration with the Samsung Galaxy Watch for individuals interested in a high-tech safety solution more fitting for today’s seniors. Available in two size and three color options, the smartwatch makes it easy for anyone wearing it to quickly get help in an emergency situation. When a user presses the “Help” button on the MobileHelp Smart interface, trained operators receive the call for assistance and, immediately knowing who the user is and where the user is located, can provide the right type of response.

MobileHelp Smart aims to remove the negative stigma of traditional medical alert systems with a smartwatch that does not have the “look” of a medical alert system, while helping seniors embrace healthy lifestyles. With a built-in microphone and speaker, activity tracking and vital sign sensors, MobileHelp Smart invites users to #StaySafeOutThere while being active and confident with their discreet medical alert watch.

Stannah Stairlifts Strives To Change The Perceptions Of Old Age

Stannah Stairlifts hopes to give a fresh perspective on old age with their senior enablement marketing campaign. In their commercial, an elderly couple dresses up and prepares to go out together as the man goes down the stairs with his Stannah stair lift. Once he reaches the bottom of the staircase, his wife follows him down and they link arms as they walk out the door together, feeling and acting young. Recognizing that today’s senior population is active on social media, Stannah Stairlifts sends prospective buyers to Twitter and encourages use of the hashtag #StannahServices to receive more product and service information.

By empowering and helping the aging population with their everyday tasks, senior enablement brands are showing that they understand how to help today’s baby boomers and the broader aging population overcome challenges and carry on with their normal lives without feeling embarrassed.   

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