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Snapchat’s New Trailer Reaction Lens: Just The Facts

December 31, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

In December, Snapchat launched a new augmented reality (AR) movie preview ad format called a “trailer reaction lens.” The new format was launched in collaboration with Paramount Pictures for their upcoming film Top Gun: Maverick, sequel to the popular original starring Tom Cruise.

What Is Snapchat’s Trailer Reaction Lens?

Photo from Snapchat trailer reaction lens Top Gun: Maverick

Snapchat’s AR trailer reaction lens allows Snapchat users watch a preview for Top Gun: Maverick on their smartphones in a horizontal split-screen format, while simultaneously recording their reactions with the device’s front-facing camera. Users can also decorate their reaction shots with a digital overlay of a fighter-pilot helmet like the one Tom Cruise wears in the movie. Snapchat users can send their recorded video directly to other Snapchat users or post them as stories, similar to TikTok’s “React” option, which enables users to share their video responses to TikTok videos.

Where Is Snapchat’s Trailer Reaction Lens Available?

Paramount and Snapchat initially released the trailer reaction lens for iOS and Android users in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to expand the Snapchat feature to the U.K., France, Germany, Brazil and Mexico.

How Is Snapchat’s Trailer Reaction Lens Effective For Engaging Younger Audiences?

Paramount’s Snapchat promotion for Top Gun: Maverick strives to reach a new generation of moviegoers who were not even born when the original film was released in 1986. Approximately 78% of U.S. internet users ages 18 to 24 use Snapchat. By collaborating with Snapchat, Paramount created an innovative opportunity to engage with younger consumers. The trailer reaction lens allows Snapchat users to participate in the promotion by making their own user-generated content (UGC) and sharing it with other Snapchat users. The UGC can generate word-of-mouth promotions about the lens feature and upcoming film, while extending the campaign’s reach with viral growth. By encouraging Snapchat users to create AR reaction shots, Paramount and Snapchat are increasing the odds that mobile viewers will watch the entire 30-second trailer.

Gen Z is more likely to be on social media, and less likely to watch TV — the traditional medium to promote movie trailers. When brands, like Paramount, harness the power of the latest social innovations, such as Snapchat’s trailer reaction lenses, they create more opportunities to reach younger viewers where they are already spending time.

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