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5 Strategic And Unique Furniture Marketing Campaigns

January 15, 2020 Digital Media Solutions

To capture the attention of consumers, furniture companies have gone bold to stand out from the crowd and build trust with potential customers. Here are five creative marketing campaigns that keep audiences engaged.

IKEA Allows Individuals To Place Furniture In Their Own Spaces Through AR

Never make the mistake of poor design choices again. IKEA’s “Place” app uses augmented reality (AR) to show how potential furniture purchases look in people’s homes. To make more informed decisions about their potential purchases, shoppers can place and move furniture pieces around their rooms by scanning the spaces with their phone cameras. Aside from all the fun users can have virtually placing coffee tables in their kitchens, the IKEA Place app may also help save time and cut out heated arguments over whether or not a certain couch would match the color scheme of a room.

Wayfair Uses Instagram As A Purchase Page

Wayfair’s Instagram photos are not just photos. Wayfair capitalizes on Instagram’s “shopping” feature to tag the products in their photos with product names and price labels. When Instagram users scroll through Wayfair’s feed, they can find staged, in-home settings that include furniture for sale. If the user is interested in a piece of furniture in a photo, they can tap on the product pop-up box, click “Show Now” and be directed to Wayfair’s checkout page. With just a few clicks, the user is navigated from one site to the next, all through a frictionless process.

Bob’s Discount Furniture Clarifies The Meaning Of “Discount Furniture”

Bob’s Discount Furniture’s humorous campaign aims to convey the message that they do not sell discount furniture, but rather, they offer Bob’s discount on quality furniture. In the commercial, a two-foot animated “Little Bob” character explains to a young man that the sofa he is sitting on is not discount furniture, as the man was thinking. Instead, “Little Bob” sets the man straight by explaining how everything he sells is quality furniture, and that he is the one who generously gives out the discount. On Twitter, Bob’s Discount Furniture shares pictures of “Little Bob” sitting on different furniture pieces and encourages customers to share their personal style using the hashtag #mybobs for a chance to be featured on Bob’s Discount Furniture’s page.

Raymour & Flanigan Rewards Their Mattress Shoppers With Free Pizza

Raymour & Flanigan’s 2018 campaign took a playful jab at boxed bed sellers with a new promotion offering shoppers a year of free Papa John’s pizza with the purchase of a mattress. The tagline for Raymour & Flanigan’s campaign, “Mattresses shouldn’t come in a box – pizzas do,” implies that high-quality mattresses are not sold to customers in boxes. The commercial shows a young couple in the process of receiving a mattress delivery. The woman wonders why anyone would buy a mattress without trying it first. The man, who coincidentally is eating a Papa John’s pizza, responds, “That’s crazy. Mattresses shouldn’t come in a box, pizzas come in a box.” The promotion was offered from May to June 2018 for mattress or mattress set purchases over $500. After the purchase was made, participating customers received a redemption code that allowed them to receive a free Papa John’s cheese pizza. The promotion was featured on where participating customers were also able to learn about Raymour & Flanigan’s advantages to the store-buying experience.  

West Elm Celebrates The Feeling Of Buying New Furniture For The First TIme

West Elm’s “Get House Proud” ad is all about celebrating the pride younger customers feel when they buy new items for their homes as they cross over into adult life. In the commercial, the narrator leads viewers through a series of slow-motion scenes of West Elm customers in their homes with their new furniture pieces. “People suddenly think they should take their shoes off when they walk in to your house,” the narrator states as a host appears shocked by her guest’s kind gesture. In another scene, a woman enjoys dinner with friends with her bedroom door open, proud to show off her new dresser. Customers can use the hashtag #mywestelm on Instagram and Twitter to proudly share pictures of their homes featuring their West Elm furniture and décor.

As the furniture market continues to grow, it is important for furniture companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By developing engaging content to connect with decorating enthusiasts, furniture companies have more opportunities to create awareness and interest in their brand.

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