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TikTok Lead Generation: Just The Facts

May 21, 2021 Carolyn Harding

TikTok recently introduced TikTok Lead Generation, a new advertising option for advertisers looking to seamlessly reach and convert prospective new customers on the social media platform. With TikTok Lead Generation, advertisers can now promote their products and services and obtain first-party opt-in data from consumers without requiring TikTok users to leave the platform.

What Is TikTok Lead Generation?

tiktok lead generation

TikTok Lead Generation ads include CTAs that users can click if they wish to learn more. While remaining within the TikTok platform, the CTA brings the TikTok user to a lead form. TikTok notes that to help create an easier process for both consumers and advertisers, basic user information submitted when initially joining TikTok will be available to automatically populate on the form. According to the official announcement, TikTok Lead Generation “enables businesses to create fully customizable messages that are relevant to multiple customer segments.” Adding, “Leads can then be downloaded manually or, if integrated with a business’ CRM, leads can be immediately activated.”

To ensure TikTok users know their personal information will be shared with advertisers, when a form is displayed, TikTok will show a privacy notice alerting the consumer that their information is being collected. However, user data will only be viewable to the advertiser of the selected product or service.

Why Did TikTok Launch TikTok Lead Generation?

TikTok consistently innovates its platform to enhance user experience and advertising opportunities. TikTok wrote in its TikTok Lead Generation announcement, “We want to support and empower businesses on TikTok with seamless opportunities to connect deeply with their customers while ensuring that our community feels comfortable and safe on the platform.” Adding, “As such, we’re constantly building upon our platform, policies, and suite of ad products to empower businesses to tell their story while safeguarding the information of our community and secure our platform and users’ data.”

How Can TikTok Lead Generation Benefit Digital Advertisers?

With TikTok Lead Generation, digital advertisers have an additional social media platform to test for lead generation and customer acquisition objectives. Especially as media cost, targeting policies and algorithms evolve, more platforms and channels leads to more campaign optimization opportunities for digital advertisers.

“[TikTok] Lead Generation ads are a great addition, registering the information of engaged viewers for future reference and campaigns. That can also help you build more accurate audience personas for expanded ad targeting, and guide your content focus moving forward,” notes Social Media Today contributor Andrew Hutchinson.

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