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TikTok Considers A Curated Content Feed: Just The Facts

January 28, 2020 Sarah Cavill

TikTok is in the news again, and this time it isn’t celebrities learning TikTok dances to impress their kids. Recently, TikTok has taken some some hits over controversial content, and brands are apparently getting edgy about where their ads are landing on the wildly popular app.

How Is TikTok Planning To Avoid Controversy With Advertisers?

According to a number of sources, TikTok is considering following Snapchat’s lead with a “brand-safe” curated content feed. Although TikTok’s bread and butter is user-generated videos in which the quality of content dictates the popularity of the video, a more grown-up feed could attract top-tier advertisers.

What Opportunities Does A Curated Content Feed On TikTok Offer Advertisers?

Tech Crunch recently reported that TikTok is predicted to earn hundreds of millions per year in revenue and that the app’s year-over-year growth was recently logged at close to 521%. The scale of growth that TikTok has experienced is likely something advertisers will want to be a part of and TikTok will want to sustain, especially as the app experiences more scrutiny. The proposed TikTok content feed, which is expected to include original videos from popular TikTok creators and content from professional publishers, could provide a resolution to advertiser discomfort with questionable content, especially if Tiktok is able to create an outlet as popular as Snapchat’s Discover.

Social Media Today weighs in, “TikTok is pushing to maximize its revenue potential as fast as it can, and as such, it needs to alleviate such [advertiser] concerns quickly, but as with all developing apps, there is a learning curve required, and the company has to adapt fast, and address such issues [as controversial content], without also imposing overt censorship.”

A curated feed that is offered as a tab, with user-generated videos still at the heart of TikTok, would allow TikTok the ability to stay true to its user-base but offer a safe space for advertisers. Sources indicate that, at this time, TikTok has no plans to create original content for the tab or seek out exclusive publisher content.

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