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Tinder Sparks User Conversations Through An Interactive Series

October 2, 2019 Carolyn Harding

Most dating app users know the struggle of a conversation ending just as quickly as it began. So, in an effort to improve user interactions, Tinder is introducing Swipe Night, an original, scripted "choose your own adventure" TV series.

Swipe Night Offers A New Meeting Place For Tinder Users

Tinder Swipe Night

In each Swipe Night episode, users will be taken through an apocalyptic scenario and asked to make a number of decisions — from miniscule choices like the best way to D.J. a party to the difficult questions like whose life to save. The Swipe Night game will use Tinder’s famous swiping feature, giving users seven seconds to swipe right or left on each moral dilemma, depending on how they want the story to progress.

“There’s definitely no wrong answers,” says Tinder Product Lead Kyle Miller. “It really pulls out who you are, your personality and your values. We don’t categorize or label by the choices.”

At the end of each week, users will be given a list of potential matches, all of whom made similar choices throughout the game. From there, the swiping begins, and, Tinder hopes, users will use what they experienced throughout the game as great material for conversation starters. The Swipe Night show will upload directly to the Tinder app, with the first episode of the interactive, apocalyptic adventure debuting on October 6th. New episodes will run every Sunday in October from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Tinder Shows A Steady Stream Of Innovation


While this is Tinder’s first attempt at creating and distributing original content, the fan-favorite dating app is no stranger to introducing innovative and interactive ways to reach its target audience. Last October, Tinder launched a lifestyle website called Swipe Life, featuring a number of articles and videos, all surrounding relationships. Just this year, Tinder introduced Festival Mode and Spring Break Mode, both created as ways to target a younger demographic during a highly populated time or event.

"We’re doing the most innovative things we’ve ever done," said Tinder CEO Elie Seidman.

The Swipe Night experience mimicking a live watch party was a purposeful decision on Tinder’s part. “We feel like Tinder’s at its very best when people are all on it simultaneously,” shared Miller. “Conversations happen quicker, and matches happen faster.”

Swipe Night allows Tinder users to add a more fun, interactive approach to using the app, while helping to break the ice between other singles. The new TV series also marks one of Tinder's first attempts to move beyond matching users strictly through profile information, like location and age alone. The decision to air each episode on Sunday is no accident, either, as Tinder has consistently seen a surge of user activity on that specific day of the week.

Honing In On Generation Z

The creation of Swipe Night comes on the heels of Tinder’s recent interest in and research surrounding Generation Z, as people between the ages of 18 and 25 make up more than 50% of the app’s user base.

Last year, the dating app set up a team – referred to as the Z Team – to survey hundreds of young adults. “The Z Team, which spans several groups at Tinder, ranging from product to engineering, is obsessed with learning everything they can about what Gen Z likes and how they use the app,” Seidman shared.

The research gathered by the Tinder Z Team helped to identify members of Gen Z as fundamentally different from older generations. Standout characteristics include Gen Z’s significant comfort on social media platforms and extreme discomfort with defining relationships, or using words like “dating” and “flirting.”

“Every year there are new 18-year-olds with new energy and ideas. We live and breathe that," Seidman said, "We have the front row seat to the most interesting part of social culture and are particularly more expert in that than anyone, and as a result, you can see the success we have had.”

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