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Walmart Launches Performance Dashboards Within New Ad Platform: Just The Facts

August 19, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Walmart Media Group recently launched Performance Dashboards, an omnichannel approach to providing advertisers with real-time analytics, in-depth visibility into campaign performance and access to an abundance of first-party data both online and in Walmart stores.

What Are The Walmart Ad Center Performance Dashboards?

Performance Dashboards can be found within the Walmart Ad Center platform, which launched in January of this year, and are accessible for any advertisers featuring “Walmart Display” and/or “Sponsored Products” campaigns. The dashboards are separated based on which campaign an advertiser is tracking either a sponsored product campaign or a display advertising campaign. KPIs and metrics, such as impressions, clicks and conversion rates, will be featured in each dashboard based on the campaign type.

“We are committed to driving clear and insightful campaign insights for our suppliers as we deepen these partnerships on the marketing and advertising front,” noted Walmart. “Providing full transparency into these omnichannel marketing campaigns is foundational as we continue to earn our partners’ trust.”

Why Did Walmart Launch Performance Dashboards Within Its Ad Center Platform?

Walmart Ad Center Performance Dashboards give advertisers two of the most important factors brands look for when launching and tracking a campaign: complete control over the campaign and in-depth consumer insight. By being able to create, monitor and manage campaigns through a single, easy-to-use platform, advertisers will be able to track campaign performance and optimize campaigns in order to become more efficient over time. With that improvement, brands can connect and engage with consumers in more meaningful and effective ways.

“Walmart is the largest omnichannel retailer in the U.S. With 90% of America shopping at or on Walmart each year, 4,753 physical stores across the U.S. and a rapidly growing ecommerce presence, no other retailer has access to this quantity or quality of first-party, omnichannel retail data,” Walmart shared.

Walmart has made significant investments in creating seamless, effective offerings for advertisers over the last year, launching the “Walmart Sponsored Products self-serve platform,” the “Walmart Advertising Partners program” and, most recently, the “Walmart Ad Center” all of which provide advertisers with innovative tools to increase campaign transparency and improve overall campaign performance. With the launch of Performance Dashboards, Walmart is furthering its offerings within the Walmart Ad Center, once again, giving advertisers another resource to enhance campaign success through real-time analytics.

How Do Walmart Ad Center & Performance Dashboards Help Digital Advertisers?

As ecommerce sales continue to skyrocket in light of the pandemic, Walmart is strategically promoting its massive customer base, access to consumer insights and self-service ad options as more businesses shift marketing and sales online and subsequently seek out innovative tools to track online campaign performance. So far, Walmart Media Group has tested the new Performance Dashboard offering with some major advertisers, including Procter & Gamble, Clorox and more. According to Walmart, the retailer “received rave reviews of Walmart Ad Center and the Performance Dashboards based on the on-demand access to omnichannel conversion data they simply can’t get at this scale anywhere else.”

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