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Welcome Movember! It’s Time for Weird Facial Hair.

November 7, 2018 Sarah Cavill

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November, already widely known for crunchy leaves and turkeys, is now evermore popular for men growing strange facial hair in support of men’s health. Yes, it’s Movember. Grow your beards accordingly, men.

Addressing health issues sometimes unique to men and often difficult for men to talk about, Movember began in 2003 with “30 Mo bros” taking on the facial hair challenge. Over the years, by challenging men to grow beards or donate funds, Movember has funded nearly 1,200 men’s health projects around the world focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Movember has also expanded their fundraising model to include a fitness fundraiser and “Host a Mo-Ment” get togethers where the host, hairy or not, collects donations.

Of course, to properly cultivate the right Movember ‘stache, or shave it all off at the end of the month, men need the right razor and shave products. Fortunately, the world of curated subscription boxes, hipster branding and niche product design are here for hair-raising, and then removing, adventures.

Subscription Services Offer a Variety of Shaving Kit Options

Curated boxes – a popular subscription service – run the gamut from food kits to full wardrobes, so it serves that shaving kits would make their imprint as well. Dollar Shave Club, known for their funny, relatable commercials, offers a general line of toiletries for men that includes shaving products, while other companies cater to more specific shaving audiences. Harry’s German-engineered, minimalist offerings, are among the few shaving products with package design that isn’t reminiscent of 1900. (More on that later.) The founders of Harry’s wanted a simple, elegant, to-the-point kit for the man who doesn’t have time to swing by Rite Aid. Bevel’s products are specifically designed for black men, who can suffer from painful razor bumps and cuts from disposable razors. The sleek packaging and authoritative messaging set Bevel apart from other brands.

The Perfectly Engineered Razor Is the Ultimate Niche Product

When the available shaving options just don’t work for you, it helps if you’re a perfectionist aerospace engineer with enough interest in the problem to make the ultimate injector razor. Patrick Coddou, founder of Supply razor company, is just that person. In the world of shaving, there are double edge (DE) razors and single edge razors, wet shaves and, well, other kinds of shaves. The point is, the perfect shave, the shave your grandfather regularly walked around with, is a thing, and Supply has created a non-disposable, elegant razor that takes you there. It’s the ultimate niche product. 

The Vintage Vibe Is a Popular Marketing Tool for Shaving Products movember marketing

The Vintage Vibe Is a Popular Marketing Tool for Shaving Products

The Art of Shaving appeals to the hirsute man committed to moustache maintenance of prior centuries. Gift sets replete with brushes, beard oils and creams are styled and packaged as if to be sold from a little shop run by a man in suspenders and a handsome waistcoat. This lifestyle approach, a little bit hipster, a little bit metrosexual, dubbed “masculine tradition in practice” by The Art of Shaving, is a nod to the self-care moment the country is having. This intersects nicely with Movember, which is, after all, about men taking care of themselves.

Reimagining Your Shaving, Subscription or Nonprofit Marketing Win?

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