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Google Weekly Roundup – June 13

June 13, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

Google’s mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Every day of the week, the team at Google labors away on mission-focused strategies and tactics, including many that make the search experience better for its users. Knowing and understanding advancements and changes made by Google is the first step in being able to maximize your digital marketing, paid search and organic search opportunities.


Google News Impacting Digital Marketers

Here are the big stories, announced by Google during the week of June 4, 2018, that may influence digital marketing strategies and performance. We’ve highlighted key takeaways and the impacts on digital marketers.

Google Addressed Spam Issues on more than 45 Million Websites in 2017.

Pulled from “Spotting and Squashing Spam on Search” published on the Google Blog on June 8, 2018.

  • To combat search spam, Google encourages webmasters to follow high-quality guidelines and they are helping train webmasters through support forums, meetups and office hours.
  • Google also asks users to report spam when they see it.

In 2017, Google took the following actions to reduce spam search results:

  • Communicated with more than 220,000 website owners about more than 45 million website properties to help enhance user experiences.
  • Sent 6 million manual messages to webmasters about practices that violated Google guidelines.
  • Reduced “the impact on users from hacked websites” by detecting and removing 80% of compromised sites from search results.
  • Worked with popular content management systems (CMS) – like WordPress and Joomla – to combat forum and comment section abuse.
  • Addressed nearly 90,000 user-reported search spam issues.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Websites that follow the Google webmaster guidelines are likely to receive higher positions in the Google search results.


Last Week’s Top Keywords Were Driven by Recent and Upcoming Events.

Pulled from “The High Five: Search Trends for the Start of June” published on the Google Blog on June 8, 2018.

  • U.S. Postal Service Scratch & Sniff Stamps: In conjunction with the launch of the first-ever scratch-n-sniff stamps, a number of “scratch and sniff” search terms spiked, showing once again that scents can boost sales.

  • IHOP: The International House of Pancakes is about to become the International House of Burgers, resulting in breakout traffic for terms related to iHob and "iHop changing name.”
  • The World Cup: Soccer/football fans around the world are getting excited about the FIFA World Cup, which commences June 14. Search queries related to the tournament, competing teams and top players are on the rise, as shown by this Google Trends World Cup visualization.

  • National Puerto Rican Day Parade: Last weekend, New York City hosted the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, drawing an estimated 2 million spectators. Parade-related searches, including those for parade queen Zuleyka Rivera, climbed last week.
  • Suicide: Searches related to Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain spiked last week, after their unexpected deaths. Suicide prevention terms also increased in popularity last week, showing good can come from extreme sadness.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Leveraging current events and micro-moments can help drive organic traffic to your content.


Google Continues to Provide Tools and Advice to Help Users Deliver Better User Experiences.

Pulled from “Google Search at I/O 2018” published on the Google Webmaster Central Blog on June 7, 2018.

  • During the 11th annual Google I/O, a handful of announcements were made by Google.
  • JavaScript error reporting was added to the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.
  • Wix users can now click a button to have their homepages instantly indexed by Google.
  • The sandbox, beta version of the new Google Search Console was presented. It includes an AMP Status Report that helps users identify and fix errors preventing AMP pages from appearing in search results.
  • The new Structured Code Lab helps developers add and test structured data. Structured data helps populate search results with relevant information like business hours and address.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Google continues to provide developers and search professionals with robust tools designed to enhance user experiences and search results. Marketers who make use of these tools are likely to reap the benefits of enhanced performance.

Reader Suggestion

After reading this Google Weekly Roundup, reader Paola Mesber found a tool similar to the Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool that works better for her brand: Website Planet’s Responsive Checker. This tool allows marketers to scroll sideways in addition to up and down for a complete view of any page. Plus, marketers can test how links appear on screens of a popular devices like the iPhone X and generic devices, too.


Google Has Published AI Principles, Focused on Making the World a Better Place.

Pulled from “AI at Google: Our Principles” published on the Google Blog on June 7, 2018.

  • Google is using artificial intelligence (AI) to “make products more useful” and “help people tackle urgent problems.”
  • Understanding public concerns related to AI advancements, Google published their seven principles to AI development: be socially beneficial, avoid creating/reinforcing unfair bias, be built/tested for safety, be accountable to people, incorporate privacy design principles, uphold high standards of scientific excellence, be made available for uses that accord with their published principles.
  • Google confirmed they will not pursue AI technologies that gather/use information for “surveillance violating internationally accepted norms, have a purpose that “contravenes widely accepted principles of international law and human rights or are likely to cause injury or harm.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Make sure you understand what is important to your target audience and employee base. If you realize your principles are not aligned with either of these audiences, consider fast corrective action.


The New Agency Dashboard for Google My Business Is Streamlining Campaign Management.

Pulled from “Easily Manage Thousands of Locations with the Google My Business Agency Dashboard” published on the Google Blog on June 5, 2018.

  • The new Agency Dashboard for Google My Business launched on June 5, letting agencies “manage multiple listings faster, simpler and more intuitively.”
  • The dashboard now allows for the management of all locations within one account, lets administrators easily send and receive dashboard invitations, simplifies location management, creates user groups and adds search functionality.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: The new Google My Business dashboard allows for better campaign management and optimization. Make sure you understand the changes and how they impact your campaigns.


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