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Google Weekly Roundup – June 27

June 27, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

Every week, Google updates and invents new methods for improving user experience. As marketers, you need to stay up to date with Google’s activity to maintain your brand’s performance on the search engine. Knowing and understanding advancements and changes made by Google is essential to help you maximize your digital marketing, paid search and organic search opportunities.

Google News Impacting Digital Marketers

Here are the big stories, announced by Google during the week of June 18, 2018, that may influence digital marketing strategies and performance. We’ve highlighted key takeaways and the impacts on digital marketers.

Last Week’s Key Words Driven by Summer

Pulled from “With summer ahead, what the world searched for this week” published on the Google Blog on June 22, 2018

  • FIFA World Cup: Because of the worldwide soccer tournament, searches around players, teams and matches spiked.
  • Best 50 Restaurants: The World’s 50 Best released their top list of restaurants, so Google saw an influx of searches for “best restaurants in the world.”
  • Summer Solstice Party Ideas: With the arrival of the summer solstice, Google saw searches for people looking for party ideas, the start and end dates of summer and more.
  • Summer Solstice Playlist: You can’t have a successful party without a good playlist. Users searched for Beyonce and Jay-Z after a surprise drop of a collaborative album from the married couple. People also searched for Tidal, Jay-Z’s streaming service.
  • Crisis at the Border: After a photo of a young girl went viral, searches for “crying toddler at border” surged 3000%. Searches like “how to help immigrant children” increased as well.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Leveraging current events and micro-moments can help drive organic traffic to your content.

Knowledge Panels Get Verified

Pulled from “Get verified to manage your presence on Google” published on the Google Blog on June 22, 2018

  • Google invites any person, organization, sports team, media company and others with a Knowledge Panel to get verified.
  • Verified accounts can suggest changes to the information included in their brands’ Knowledge Panels and even suggest featured images.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: If your brand has a Knowledge Panel in Google search results, becoming verified and suggesting edits to that section can help your brand create an accurate reputation and highlight the most important aspects of your company.

Google AI Evolves to be More Natural with Continued Conversations

Pulled from “Chatting up your Google Assistant just got easier” published on the Google Blog on June 21, 2018 

  • Google Home users can now continue their conversations with the voice-search device without having to repeat “Hey Google” for every inquiry.
  • This new addition has to be turned on in Settings in order to work.
  • Conversations can be ended by saying “thank you” or “stop.” Google Assistant will also shut off if it detects a user is no longer speaking to the product.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Keep in mind that voice-search device owners speak differently than they type. When catering your content to these consumers, be sure to incorporate more colloquial and natural keywords.

Click here to read up on tips for optimizing your content for voice search.

Focus on Privacy and User Experience

Pulled from “More transparency and control in your Google Account” published on the Google Blog on June 21, 2018

  • Google’s latest updates allow users to better understand and adjust security settings throughout their accounts.
  • With a new search feature, users can quickly find functions within account settings, to complete tasks like changing their profile photos or passwords.
  • In the activity controls section, users can select what data is saved and stored within their accounts.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: It seems as though users are becoming more interested in understanding and controlling use of their data. Consider updating your terms and enhancing your privacy policy for transparency.

Free Digital Trials = Great Marketing

Pulled from “Augmented Reality: a new creative canvas for brands published on the Google Blog on June 20, 2018 

  • Google believes in the power of augmented reality (AR).
  • AR can project three-dimensional objects in any user’s immediate space for interaction, turning any location into a fitting room, playground, work space or more.
  • Users can develop AR experiences using Google’s platform, ARCore.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: AR gives consumers the ability to try on a product or test drive a service before purchasing. If used well by marketers, AR can be a tool for interesting and engaging consumers, potentially increasing conversion rates with free trials.

More Listeners for Podcasts

Pulled from “Listen up: Google Podcasts is now on Android” published on the Google Blog on June 19, 2018

  • Google Podcasts is now available to Android users.
  • Google Podcasts uses AI to recommend podcasts relevant to a user’s interests.
  • Google Podcasts syncs across an array of Google products, like Google Home.
  • Google Podcasts is partnering with members of the podcast industry to highlight and increase the diversity of voices found on podcasts.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: The popularity of podcasts seems to be increasing. Consider implementing a podcast strategy to connect with your audience while providing educational content.

Easier Messaging from Android

Pulled from “Five new features to try in Messages” published on the Google Blog on June 18, 2018

  • Android Messages have been updated, thanks to Google’s work with carriers to upgrade networks.
  • There are five new Android Messages features available:
    • Send and receive messages from your computer.
    • Search the GIF library within and send GIFs from Android Messages.
    • Use the Smart Reply to send a text with one tap.
    • Include preview links in your texts.
    • Copy one-time passwords with a tap.

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: Communication styles are always changing. Make sure you keep up with the latest communication tools and trends.

Online Retail Partners Create Mega Marketplace

Pulled from “A strategic partnership with” published on the Google Blog on June 18, 2018

  • Google is expanding Google Shopping to compete with large online retailers, like Amazon.
  • Google is investing $550 million in to partner with the powerful and fast-growing ecommerce brand from the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Together, Google and plan to “accelerate how retail ecosystems deliver consumer experiences.”

Key Takeaway for Digital Marketers: The online marketplace is heating up and brands like Google are putting plans in place to go head-to-head with Amazon. Proud marketers should heed this warning and actively seek opportunities to diversify their sales and distribution channels.


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