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Microsoft Introduces Responsive Search Ads: Just The Facts

September 19, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

Responsive Search Ads

On September 6, Microsoft introduced a responsive search ad open beta for all of their advertisers, enabling advertisers to streamline and scale ad copy testing.

What Are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive search ads (RSAs) automate the process of creating and testing text-based search ads. With Microsoft’s open beta, advertisers can provide up to 15 headlines and four description lines, and the ad platform dynamically generates combinations of headlines and descriptions to create search ads. The combinations can include up to three titles and two descriptions.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Microsoft’s Responsive Search Ads?

Because the ad creation and testing process is automated, for advertisers using Microsoft RSAs, the top-performing ad combinations are identified and prioritized automatically, while underperforming ad combinations are removed from the rotation, improving overall campaign performance.

Microsoft also offers an “ad strength widget” designed to help advertisers understand how well their RSAs may perform. The widget also provides recommendations on how to potentially improve ad performance.

Do Advertisers Have Any Control Over Microsoft’s Responsive Search Ads?

Microsoft allows advertisers to “pin” headlines and descriptions that they want shown in the top positions, enabling advertisers to maintain some control over how their ads are displayed.

What Does Microsoft’s Launch Of Responsive Search Ads Mean For Advertisers?

Microsoft’s launch of RSAs mimics Google’s RSA launch last year. Microsoft’s promotion of RSAs is another step toward machine learning-based formats eventually becoming the paid search industry standard. While some advertisers rejoice for potential time and money saved with increased automation, others may be slower to relinquish full control of their advertising campaigns.

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