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Spotify Ad Studio Expands Targeting Options: Just The Facts

September 25, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

Last month, Spotify introduced enhancements to its Ad Studio, enabling marketers to more precisely target their ads.

What Is Spotify Ad Studio?

Spotify Ad Studio is Spotify’s self-service advertising platform, enabling advertisers to create, track and manage Spotify audio ad campaigns.

What Targeting Enhancements Were Made To Spotify Ad Studio?

Spotify ad studio

Spotify added interest targeting and real-time context targeting to its Ad Studio. Interest targeting enables advertisers to leverage Spotify’s data to target Spotify Free users based on their playlist and podcast preferences. Interest categories include cooking, education, fitness, travel and tech, offering advertisers the opportunity to reach the right audiences with their messages.

Real-time context targeting enables advertisers to reach their target audiences at specific moments throughout the day. With options like dinner time, gaming, partying and working out, marketers can determine the right time to deliver their messages.

Spotify ad studio

How Does Spotify Ad Studio Work?

Spotify aims to make audio advertising accessible to marketers regardless of their technical backgrounds by simplifying the ad creation process. Advertisers have the option to provide scripts and allow Spotify to record voiceovers, mix music and produce the ads. Once ads are created, marketers can select their targeting parameters, budgets and campaign dates and launch their ads.

Like Snapchat’s Instant Create Tool launch this summer, Spotify is part of a growing number of platforms hoping to reduce barriers to entry and offer more targeting options to attract more advertisers.

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Charlene Sterphone, Director of Marketing A focused and highly motivated creative thinker, Charlene Sterphone develops, executes and reports on strategic marketing programs surrounding lead generation, paid search, email, social media, mobile targeting, SEO and compliance as Director of Marketing for Digital Media Solutions (DMS). Throughout her diversified marketing career, Charlene has spent time in both the agency and direct corporate and start-up settings, including positions at Sparkroom, Education Dynamics and CBS Corporation, where she has seen success with digital and traditional marketing campaigns. As an analytical marketer, Charlene enjoys discovering new and innovative tools and techniques and using them to drive growth.

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