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YouTube Shopping Ads: Just The Facts

November 15, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, YouTube introduced its newest advertising format:  Shopping ads. YouTube Shopping ads are featured on the home screen and search page results directly alongside video content. These ads extend YouTube’s opportunities for its advertisers and allow viewers to make purchases directly from YouTube.

What Are YouTube Shopping Ads?

YouTube shopping ads

YouTube visitors who have searched for a product on Google will now be shown advertising for related products on YouTube, with the Shopping ads directly correlating to the viewer’s Google search history. Shopping ads appear as a scrollable list of static product images and offerings on YouTube’s home screen, search screen and above or below the YouTube video the consumer is viewing.
Puma is one of the first retailers currently using the YouTube Shopping ads. Puma recognizes consumers are continuing to watch more content on YouTube, and they are advertising on YouTube to increase reach and engagement with their target audience.

How Do YouTube’s New Shopping Ads Differ From It’s Other Advertisement Offerings?

The most distinctive difference between YouTube’s previous advertisement offerings and Shopping ads is Shopping ads will be featured front and center within content on the home screen and searches. Shopping ads meet consumers where they are and feature items YouTube viewers were most recently searching on Google.

How Will Shopping Ads Extend The Reach Of Shopping Campaigns?

Google, YouTube’s parent company, is leveraging the fact that viewers are increasingly discovering products on YouTube. 90% of YouTube viewers say they have discovered new products and brands via YouTube, and nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them inspiration for their purchases. YouTube Shopping ads enable advertisers to extend their reach. Advertisers already using standard Google shopping campaigns are eligible to have their ads displayed on YouTube. 

How Will YouTube Shopping Ads Impact Digital Marketers?

YouTube has become a real contender for marketers looking to get their products noticed by consumers, drive engagement and enable marketers to reach consumers. It will be even easier for YouTube viewers to discover products and make purchases without leaving the viewing platform.

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