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Why Joey Liner, Former DoublePositive Co-Founder & CEO, Became the New CRO for DMS

December 12, 2018 Digital Media Solutions

Joey Liner co-founded one of the most successful performance marketing companies in the business in the early 2000s and now he’s decided to join DMS as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer.

So what convinced Joey to join DMS? The following chat between Joey (abbreviated as JL below) and DMS sheds some light.

DMS: How did you get into the lead generation industry?

JL: I started in lead generation more than 15 years ago with a domain called This really was the early days of online lead generation as an industry and mortgage marketing like this was just getting started. In those days, consumers were still grasping the concept of navigating the internet for a mortgage. In the process of building that platform up with other partners, we noticed a growing pain point for loan officers. They were having trouble getting potential borrowers on the line [telephone]. Their hurdle made us shift our business to warm transfers, which later led to the creation of DoublePositive.

Since the launch of DoublePositive, the focus has  been delivering scalable and effective performance marketing solutions to lead buyers and lead sellers in the mortgage, higher education, insurance and home services industries. Over the years I have learned so much about consumers, their habits and how advertisers can win. I’ve been fortunate to be very successful doing my passion, and I love helping marketers like myself do the right thing for consumers. We can all be successful and follow best practices. Having this attitude is what has led me to be so active in our industry and really work to make sure there are no bad actors in our space.

DMS: Have you ever worked with DMS in any previous roles? 

JL: In the last couple years, DoublePositive and DMS have cooperated on a number of deals, especially in the mortgage and higher education verticals. There was overlap in some areas and just being involved in the industry, I’ve known Joe Marinucci [CEO of DMS] and Fernando Borghese [COO of DMS] for years. If you’re in the mortgage space, you know Raymond Bartreau [SVP of Lending Partnerships at Best Rate Referrals] and Zach South [SVP Lending Operations at Best Rate Referrals]. I’m really excited to work with these folks and so many others.

DMS: What are you most excited about in the role of Chief Revenue Officer for DMS?

JL: I’ve witnessed what DMS has done from the outside and I’ve seen how the company has evolved and continues to evolve. I can see what Joe and Fernando have done and how they are investing in the business, which is exciting. There is no doubt DMS has grown over the years, but I’m still really excited about bringing my skills, passion and energy to DMS to help even more clients. The leaders at DMS have been so focused on the business and so focused on evolving with the marketplace. I look forward to working with clients on a more consultative approach given the incredible span of capabilities DMS offers. The bottom line is: I love helping businesses grow, and I am thrilled to work with everyone at DMS to take the company to the next level.

DMS: Given your experience in the industry, what shifts are you seeing in the marketplace that will be hot for DMS?

JL: DMS has a pretty incredible suite of capabilities, which bodes well in this environment. Whether you’re looking for a click, more impressions, to increase traffic or lead analytics software, DMS really has something for you. Like I said, I love helping businesses grow, and whether you’re in financial services, mortgage or higher education – or any industry – DMS has the solution. We’ve all seen the numbers and know the trends. Marketers can’t just rely on TV, Radio or Print anymore. It’s not enough. What DMS offers complements and is different to those traditional efforts and really helps advertisers grow. DMS has the digital marketing expertise and products to address those pain points of clients, and I want to open the door for those advertisers to be introduced to us.

DMS: Sounds exciting and we’re thrilled to work with you!

JL: I’m so excited too!  So many great things are happing at DMS, which made this the right time and the right fit for me. Now, I’m ready to tap into my rolodex and get to work!

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