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Best Mom Campaigns: Mother’s Day in Marketing

As Mother’s Day approaches, brands build positive brand equity by leveraging the spirit of the holiday. Through highly-engaging, creative, mom-focused campaigns, smart brands drive relevancy and recognition among their audiences. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent more than $23 billion on Mother’s Day in 2017 and are expected to spend a comparable amount this year.

The following campaigns from brands like JetBlue and Samsung portray all that moms do for their children while tying in their products, jumping on Americans’ love for moms and Mother’s Day.

Jet Blue: FlyBabies

JetBlue Airways Corporation follows moms as they fly with their babies. “I don’t want to be that lady with the baby who’s screaming for four hours,” one mom says in JetBlue’s TV spot. For one flight in 2017, JetBlue turned screaming babies into a promotion in an effort to relax moms. Each time a child cried, every passenger on the flight received 25% off their next flight, which meant if four children cried, everyone won a free flight. See how people’s opinions of crying babies shifted throughout the flight from New York to California.

Samsung: #TextsFromMom

In their Mother’s Day spot, Samsung Electronics says, “Moms have a way with words — especially when they text them.” The brand makes light of moms’ illiterate texts, all displayed on a Samsung Galaxy phone. From questions about hashtags to essays in text form, Samsung reminds us sometimes it’s just easier to call our moms.

Carhartt: All Hail the Carhartt Women

Carhartt, the work apparel company known for its durable products, released a 2017 Mother’s Day TV spot that portrays mothers as tough women, who “aren’t afraid of anything.” While viewers watch Carhartt-clad, hard-working women, a child’s voiceover expresses gratitude for all that moms do. The ad concludes with “#AllHailMom,” a sentimental touch for the women who shape us.

Kraft: #SwearLikeAMother

In 2017, Kraft Foods Group, Inc. took a humorous approach in their Mother’s Day campaign after releasing data that 74% of moms claim they’ve cursed in front of their children. Their video, promoting Kraft Mac and Cheese, provided alternative phrases to profanity when your children are around. Kraft understands that being a mom is hard. And when parenting gets hard, Kraft Mac and Cheese makes dinner easy.

Brawny: Once a Mother, Always a Giant

Brawny Paper Towels produced a Mother’s Day Campaign for 2017 that shows toddlers’ points of view. From flinging spaghetti on Mom to shooting her with styrofoam pellets, we see everything moms go through to keep homes clean, meals on the table and children safe. For all the spills and adventures kids have, there are Brawny paper towels to clean up.

Teleflora: #OneToughMother

Teleflora, the floral service, knows “motherhood isn’t always hearts and roses, but Mother’s Day can be with a bouquet from Telaflora.” To demonstrate how tough moms can be, this brand’s ad portrays women working hard to support their children, having arguments with teenage sons and bundling children with hats and scarves for winter weather. Teleflora encourages families to thank their moms for all their hard work with a bouquet from Teleflora.


These Mother’s Day campaigns are great visual examples of engaging audiences and encouraging expressions of mom gratitude. Every year, while promoting their products and driving conversions, brands continue to reimagine ways to pull at their consumers’ heart strings and inspire kindness.

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