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5 Mouthwatering Thanksgiving Focused Marketing Campaigns

November 20, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Thanksgiving reminds people to give thanks and count their blessings — it also represents one of the most crucial marketing seasons of the year. With the average American spending $175.65 on Thanksgiving, it is important for Thanksgiving-focused marketers to deploy creative marketing strategies that will help them stand out, get noticed by consumers and reel in a hefty return on investment. Almost as enjoyable as mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, here are five Thanksgiving- focused marketing campaigns that have kept audiences engaged.

Stouffer’s Invites Everyone To The Thanksgiving Table

Join Us #AllToTheTable Stouffer's ad from

The Thanksgiving holiday is cherished as a time for sharing meals around a table with friends and family. Stouffer’s created a campaign focused on just that. Last November, Stouffer’s launched a multi-media campaign focused on Thanksgiving as an important opportunity for family and friends to come together over a delicious holiday meal. Across platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook, Stouffer’s depicted images of family dinners and “friendsgiving” parties. Stouffer’s also shared recipes and table décor tips to help followers prepare for Thanksgiving. With the welcoming hashtag, #AllToTheTable, Stouffer’s encouraged their followers to share and like new recipes in order to enjoy the perfect Thanksgiving. The Stouffer’s Thanksgiving campaign fully encompassed what the Thanksgiving mindset is all about — family, friends and eating good food.

Walmart Gives Thanks For Loved Ones

In 2016, Walmart took a decidedly emotional approach in their Thanksgiving ad. Walmart’s classic commercial features families gathered around Thanksgiving tables praying and discussing the difficulties they faced throughout the year, and soldiers taking comfort in each other over a big, delicious holiday meal. Set to a rendition of The Beatles song “Come Together,” the message is loud and clear: find family wherever you are and #ThanksgivingBetter.

Postmates Encourages Thanksgiving Cooking

Postmates celebrated the Thanksgiving season by compiling mouthwatering recipes from those who they think do Thanksgiving best: Moms! For their “Friendsgiving On-Demand” campaign, Postmates compiled a shareable collection of delicious holiday recipes plus lists of ingredients needed to make the recipes. Each ingredient found in the recipes was conveniently available for purchase through the Postmates app. Postmates strived to make their campaign a fun and festive way to get consumers excited for the holidays, inspiring them to try out new holiday recipes.

Stuff Thy Selfie with Stove Top stuffing photo from adweek

Stove Top Pokes Fun At Millennials’ Habits

Drawing from the Millennial generation’s obsession with taking selfies and pictures of their food, Stove Top’s Thanksgiving print ad poked fun at the trend. In the ad, Stove Top’s artisanal hipster pilgrim is taking a picture of himself with his iPhone, all while promoting Stove Top’s famous turkey stuffing with a clever, punny slogan: “Stuff Thy Selfie.” On Instagram and Twitter, customers can share their own selfies with their Stove Top stuffing by using the hashtag, #StuffThySelfie.

TD Bank Strives To Make A Difference In 24 Hours

For Thanksgiving 2018, TD Bank gave $30,000 to 24 customers in 24 different communities across the U.S. and Canada. The recipients were tasked to #MakeTodayMatter with the objective of giving the money back to their own neighborhoods in just one day. Resulting charitable activities included feeding the homeless and installing wheelchair accessible ramps in community facilities.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is important for brands to stand out from their competitors and capture the attention of consumers to achieve Thanksgiving sales success, engage in time for holiday sales and build brands in preparation for continued success in the new year. Incorporating holiday-themed content into seasonal marketing plans is a great way for marketers to engage with their audiences while showing off their brand’s sides.

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