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4 Alcohol Brands Launching Digital Campaigns Ahead Of Cinco De Mayo

April 23, 2021 Carolyn Harding

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An increasingly popular celebration across the U.S., Cinco de Mayo represents an opportunity for alcohol brands to connect with consumers who are indulging in some festive drinks while enjoying the holiday honoring Mexican culture and traditions. Prior to the pandemic, a 2019 study from YouGov Direct found that “11% of U.S. adults say they will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year. Hispanic Americans (23%) are especially likely to say they will be observing the holiday.” And, while the 2020 Cinco de Mayo celebrations were altered due to social distancing, 2021 is hinting at a more “normal” holiday, with consumers looking for fresh ways to celebrate the festivities.  

Alcohol brands like Patrón, Teremana, Pacifico and Dos Equis are utilizing digital initiatives, strategic partnerships, brand refreshes and social media sweepstakes to promote their newest campaigns and engage consumers with the right messaging at the right times and in the right places ahead of Cinco de Mayo.

Patrón Offers Customization Through At-Home Margarita Kit

For consumers still hesitant about leaving the comfort of their own homes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year, Patrón is teaming up with famous tattoo artist JonBoy for a convenient at-home margarita kit. The “Patrón x JonBoy Margarita Collection Kit” includes original artwork from JonBoy, cocktail accessories and ingredients to make a “Fresh Ink Smoked Margarita, an innovative twist on the classic margarita,” with Patrón tequila.

Patrón is promoting the option for customization in each cocktail kit by offering “a selection of eight JonBoy designs to customize a cocktail topper, providing a truly unique experience.” The tequila brand shared, in its official press release, “Personalization is what tattooing is all about — and it is how Patrón encourages people to enjoy their margaritas.” The collaboration between Patrón and JonBoy, in which Patrón encourages consumers to purchase the kits through its microsite, shows that even as life returns to “normal,” consumer habits formed – like at-home cooking – during the pandemic are likely to stay long-term.

Teremana Gives Back To Struggling Restaurants With Mobile Initiative

Teremana, a popular tequila brand from Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson, is looking to help restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic, while promoting the tequila brand’s products ahead of Cinco de Mayo, with the introduction of its new “Guac on the Rock” initiative. Through the latest effort, consumers can “purchase guacamole and a Teremana Tequila cocktail, and then upload their itemized receipt to a microsite or scan a QR code in the restaurant,” explains Marketing Dive reporter Chris Kelly. From there, Teremana has pledged to reimburse each consumer (up to $10 each and $1 million globally) through Venmo.

Taking place between May 1 and May 5, Guac on the Rock is inclusive of dine-in (both indoor and outdoor) and takeout. The mobile-centric initiative gives Teremana a strong opportunity to drive sales while positioning the brand as a charitable and socially conscious company. 

Pacifico Targets Gen Z & Commits To Digital-First Strategies


In an effort to connect with younger consumers who are increasingly drawn to digital media channels, Pacifico beer launched a “digital-first campaign” as part of the brand’s larger “Live Life Anchor’s Up” initiative, which is targeted toward Gen Z and reflects the beer brand’s commitment to investing in more digital-first strategies. Featuring 15- and 30-second ad spots, each video highlights a new, independent personality — from pro surfers and skateboarders to a couple enjoying the outdoors. Each message within the campaign will be broadcast nationally across a slew of the most popular Gen Z media channels, includingHulu, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Spotify.”

The latest effort from Pacifico was created in hopes of broadening the brand’s reach, primarily among younger consumers, with Marketing Dive reporter Robert Williams noting that “Internal research suggests that Pacifco’s values align with those held by Gen Z, with a shared premium placed on being unique and independent.” The latest digital campaign will also likely continue the momentum that Pacifico gained throughout the last year, with sales increasing by 12% in 2020. “Pacifico attributed its advertising and media campaigns to a 65% gain in its marketing return on investment,” shared Williams.

Dos Equis Invests In Brand Refresh With New Tagline & Campaign

A popular way to bring new attention to a brand is to invest in and promote a complete brand refresh. Dos Equis is doing just that with a new tagline, brand image and ad spot. Dubbed the “Dose of XX” campaign and using the new “Get a Dos” tagline, Dos Equis is centering its new brand identity around living better. According to AdAge contributor E.J. Schultz, Dos Equis “uses the ‘Get a Dos’ tagline to carry a dual meaning in ads meant to link the beer with getting the most out of life,” specifically as pandemic restrictions begin to ease. One of the new Dos Equis’ campaign ad spots shows people getting the hang of returning to “normal” life as they venture outside their homes after nearly a year of the pandemic. “In the opening spot, you see a ‘dose of comeback’ — this idea that we are re-emerging from our cocoons and [getting] ourselves organized to get back out there,” said Jonnie Cahill, chief marketing officer at Heineken USA (brand owner of Dos Equis).

The “Dox of XX” campaign, which comes just as many consumers are gearing up for Cinco de Mayo (and what may be the first in-person celebration they’ve had in some time), will launch on April 29. Spreading across multiple media channels, the Dos Equis campaign will include a social media sweepstakes in which the brand sends out gift cards to cover the cost of consumers’ Cinco de Mayo celebrations. 

The latest initiatives from alcohol brands like Patrón, Teremana, Pacifico and Dos Equis show the importance of understanding target audiences and executing digital campaigns or initiatives that resonate with those consumers. Especially ahead of popular holidays and celebrations, during which consumers are looking to purchase libations, alcohol brands should continue to engage consumers early and often online. Utilizing interactive digital campaigns, while still reflecting today’s consumer trends in their messaging, continues to be an effective strategy to engage with consumers.

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