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How Flower Delivery Services Are Growing Their Consumer Bases In 2021

January 11, 2021 Erin Sweeney

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and ecommerce floral brands are gearing up for the big day. Giving flowers to a loved one on Valentine’s Day is a time-honored tradition, and in recent years, Valentine’s Day gift giving has expanded with many also buying for their friends, children, parents and other relatives. Successful campaigns by ecommerce floral brands that feature humor, targeted ads and differentiation in product and price can serve as inspiration for this year’s digital advertising push as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Flower Delivery Services Come Into Bloom As Audiences Evolve

Valentine’s Day is the biggest single day for florists and floral purchases in the U.S. and the second most profitable holiday after Christmas/Hanukkah. According to the Society of American Florists, in 2019, 28% of American adults purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentine’s Day with more men making purchases (37%) than women (19%). The majority of purchases were for a spouse or significant other. The data shows that men are most likely to purchase for their spouse, but women purchase more for their mothers, friends, children or selves.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, and according to historical U.S. consumer floral purchasing data, brands can expect a 2% increase in consumer floral purchasing when the holiday falls on the weekend compared to a weekday holiday. 

Flower Delivery Services Could See Big Valentine’s Day Sales In 2021 With Growth Of Ecommerce 

With the overall growth of ecommerce – and everyone in need of a bright and cheerful gift in the midst of the pandemic winter – 2021 Valentine’s Day floral sales may produce a banner year, particularly as floral brands expand ecommerce strategies.

Teleflora’s ‘Flowers Say it Best’ Campaign Promotes The Benefits Of A Gifted Bouquet

Teleflora is a giant in the flower delivery industry, working with more than 10,000 local florists to provide same-day delivery. Teleflora’s “Flowers Say it Best” video ad campaign, promoted across social channels in 2020, used humorous Valentine’s Day gifts to market their featured floral bouquets for the holiday. The six-second and 15-second spots from Teleflora showed common Valentine’s Day gifts “speaking” to the recipient: a teddy bear asking “Do you wuv me?” in a juvenile tone, a box of chocolates speaking to a woman in a “smooth” and corny voice, and a Galentine’s gift mug speaking from a “clingy” friend. The “Flowers Say It Best” campaign was an extension of Teleflora’s larger “Love Out Loud” campaign, reinforcing the message that love is best shown by sending flowers. “Americans are participating in Valentine's Day more than ever before,” said Danielle Mason, vice president of consumer marketing at Teleflora. “Whether you're celebrating love's special holiday with your significant other, family, best gal pal or yourself, gifting a Teleflora Valentine's Day bouquet, thoughtfully hand-arranged and hand-delivered by a local florist, is the perfect expression of love and appreciation.”

Farmgirl Flowers Relies On Targeted Social Media Ad Campaigns To Reach Shifting Audiences

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In 2020, the Valentine’s Day ad campaign from Farmgirl Flowers exemplified targeted social media marketing for the holiday. Kat Taylor, head of communications for the direct-to-consumer floral ecommerce company said that “99.9%” of their marketing budget goes toward social media marketing. “Once we’ve created a certain audience, it’s fairly easy to replicate that audience. We use the organic growth we have from regular posting to figure out what our audience likes, and then strategically use our paid spend” across social media, including Facebook and Instagram, explains Taylor. Throughout the year, women are more likely to purchase flowers than men, and Farmgirl Flowers usually targets women in its marketing. However, on Valentine’s Day men step up to buy more flowers, and the company switches its focus, using education to change the way men think about the flowers women want. “100 years of steady marketing that red roses are the love language of flowers: Men are conditioned to think that’s what women want. The women who want Farmgirl don’t want that,” said Taylor. Consumers want companies that are socially responsible, and Farmgirl Flowers prides itself on being a “socially-conscious alternative to leading ecommerce flower companies,” exclusively using seasonally sourced flowers from U.S. farms. Farmgirl Flowers marketing strategies worked for Valentine’s Day 2020 — the company reported selling out of their inventory prior to the holiday.

The Bouqs Co. Deploys Content Marketing And Subscription Options To Appeal To Consumers

A startup that launched in 2012, The Bouqs Company, offers differentiation by selling Valentine’s Day gift options at many price points. Appealing to the socially conscious consumer, Bouqs sources flowers from sustainable farms, partners with local florists for on-demand delivery and offers subscriptions with customizable, tiered plans for gifts that bring happiness throughout the year. The Bouqs 2020 Valentine’s Day social media ad campaign “Get Some This Valentine’s Day” used humorous innuendo alongside photos of their featured bouquets for the holiday. The Bouqs blog, Fresh Trimmings, positions the company as an authority in the floral industry and drives traffic to their website from social channels, leveraging the hashtag #bouqlove. Bouqs published a mix of Valentine’s posts last year, including DIY posts, explainers about different flower types and associated symbolism and “go girl” positive messaging that the brand also promotes across social media.

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