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Love Is In The Air…And In Marketing: How Brands Leverage Diverse Romance

February 12, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Happy Valentine’s Day. On a day when so many celebrate their love, marketing celebrates, too.

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Plenty of jewelers, dress shops and beauty brands produce diverse marketing that tugs at our heart strings. When Tiffany & Co. featured a same sex couple in their marketing campaign in 2015, they set the bar for other brands. The New York Times reports more diverse families are portrayed in commercials as a result of a “modern society.” As demographics change and the American public on average becomes more diverse, brands open their marketing to include all members of their audiences.

Here’s a look at some diverse marketing including couples of all backgrounds.

David’s Bridal: Rewrite The Rules

David’s Bridal, an American formal wear retailer, was seemingly happy to follow Tiffany & Co.’s bar. Welcoming diversity, the latest ad from David’s Bridal features an interracial couple, a couple with a child, a same-sex couple and a couple that decides to host a private wedding, acknowledging that love looks different for everyone.

"We wanted to make sure this spot represented what we see from brides today," said David Bridal’s Chief Marketing Officer Liz Crystal. "We value every type of bride." By promoting that David’s Bridal understands every type of bride and, therefore, every dream dress, the brand opens itself up to a $1.6 billion-industry, the value of the wedding industry for same sex couples, and empowers all brides, regardless of circumstances.

Teleflora: What Is Love?

Teleflora, a Californian floral brand, tackled the question, “What is love?” in their Valentine’s Day ad. Teleflora reminds consumers that love comes to fruition in so many ways with many people as they portray same-sex couples, interracial couples, best friends and mother and daughter relationships.

Teleflora’s early adoption of diversity in advertisement led to a touching spot and undoubtedly an inclusive reputation with many consumers.

Jared: Dare To Be Devoted

Jared, an American jeweler, takes a similar approach to David’s Bridal with their “Dare To Be Devoted” campaign. Featuring teenagers, an elderly couple, an interracial couple and a long distance couple, this 2018 Jared TV spot encourages love birds to be themselves and dare to be devoted, no matter who they are.

Jared’s campaign features multiple TV spots which highlight diversity as a prominent value of their brand, perhaps a nod to their campaign objective of engaging with more Millennials.

Many advertising and marketing efforts are evolving to reflect their diverse audiences. As a result, consumers are seeing more approachable TV spots and digital campaigns.

To learn more about inclusive marketing, read Love, A Movement: the Top 10 Pride Campaigns & Marketing Lessons.

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