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Email Subscriber Acquisition For Nonprofits

For CRM Database Growth.

Email subscriber acquisition from Digital Media Solutions (DMS) is ideal for nonprofits looking to grow their CRM donor databases. Incredibly cost-effective and infinitely scalable, email subscriber acquisition uses a performance-based pricing model. Branded opt-in opportunities are placed on DMS owned-and-operated domains and premium publisher partner sites to connect with targeted consumers and generate lists of opted-in hand-raisers.

Connect With New Subscribers At Scale

Donor email subscriber acquisition helps nonprofit brands build email  lists with real-time, verified, first-party data.     

  • Continually grow your email list with opted-in hand-raisers  to maintain freshness     
  • Support ongoing cross-channel branding, messaging or  donor acquisition campaigns

Acquire Emails Of Opted-In, Engaged Prospective Donors

Our long roster of owned-and-operated domains and premium publisher partner websites provides a reliable, efficient and scalable way to grow your CRM database with new subscribers and prospective donors.     

  • Pay-for-performance model (pay only for net-new, unique records)     
  • Quick and easy campaign setup with no upfront costs     
  • Source-by-source optimization to enhance engagement metrics and ROI

Connect With The Right Prospective Donors For  Your Brand

Email subscriber acquisition campaigns can be successful at targeting a long list of audience profiles for reputable nonprofit brands and worthy causes.     

  • Target by demographic, geographic and behavioral attributes     
  • Custom dynamic questions further qualify leads and gather detailed, campaign-specific, first-party data     
  • Campaign elements branded and customized to your exact parameters

Immediately Capitalize On Donor Intent & Engagement

Unlike sharing or renting lists, email subscriber acquisition reaches prospective donors who have opted into your ad and are expressly interested in your brand and cause. These consumers are hand-raisers  who expect to receive future communications from you.     

  • All leads undergo real-time validation to ensure data accuracy  and email deliverability

Grow Your Subscriber Base With Prospective Donors Who Want To Hear From You.

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