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Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads Provide Highly Targeted Leads Delivered In Real Time.

Facebook Lead Ads simplify the user experience by placing forms directly within the Facebook interface. When  users interact with Facebook Lead Ads, they are seamlessly walked through a form without leaving Facebook.  Contact information that has already been shared with Facebook — inclusive of name and email address — is  pre-populated, resulting in inquiry submissions with fewer clicks.

Streamlined Submission Process Boosts Lead Volume & Quality

Ideal for mobile users, Facebook Lead Ads streamline the inquiry submission process to produce a higher quality of contact information. Forms are customizable to include the fields and disclosure language you need, so you get all of your required functionality with none of the hassle. Plus, the easier submission process can boost lead volume.

Facebook Leads Ads Delivered In Real Time

Completing forms on a mobile device can be a chore. Advertisers responded to this challenge by reducing the number of fields on their forms, but “fat fingers” still causes data errors that reduce campaign performance. Facebook Lead Ads abbreviate the inquiry submission process to alleviate these challenges.

  • Target: We utilize Facebook’s sophisticated, profile-based targeting options to find the prospects that have the greatest propensity  to convert.   
  • Reach: Your ads and inquiry forms are placed in front of Facebook users, no matter what device they’re using.   
  • Trust: Facebook pre-populates forms with existing profile data that can be easily edited by users, improving the data quality of lead submissions.

Plus, Digital Media Solutions (DMS) has partnered with Facebook, integrating our Sparkroom technology to get your data to you in real time. When an inquiry is submitted via a Facebook Lead Ad, the information is sent directly to Sparkroom and then run through your lead capture process.

Customizable To Get Only The Leads You Want

With a long list of pre-populated and customizable fields available, Facebook Lead Ad forms can be easily created and modified to match  your inquiry requirements. When integrated, Sparkroom technology processes each Facebook lead through your lead capture script to  forward only what you want and none of what you don’t need. It all happens in real time, so you can immediately contact your prospects  and get the conversion process started.

Tap Into DMS Expertise  To Scale Your Campaigns

The DMS managed services team leverages performance advertising and media buying expertise across DMS to develop, execute and optimize integrated, cross-channel advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients. We create strategies that connect with tightly defined audiences to build brand awareness, boost engagement and drive conversions.

Launch Your Facebook Lead Ads Campaign With Real-Time Lead Delivery Today.

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