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Paid Search & PPC Campaigns

Cost-Effective, High-Performance Acquisition Advertising.

Paid search and pay-per-click (PPC) customer acquisition campaigns, including search engine advertising and readvertising, efficiently place your brand and direct response ads in front of your prospects when they’re on  Google and millions of other sites.

Expertise Drives Powerful Performance 

DMS brings significant expertise and powerful performance to paid search and PPC advertising campaigns.   

  • Google Partner   
  • Focus on keeping quality scores high   
  • Dedicated paid search strategies

Connect Pre-Lead To  Post-Conversion Data 

Sparkroom technology is utilized to manage all paid search and PPC campaigns for DMS managed services clients. Sparkroom integrates data across disparate sources for cross-campaign analytics reviews. Using Sparkroom, we are able to connect pre-lead to post-conversion data for third-party campaigns.   

  • All leads routed through Sparkroom to allow for accessible, real-time campaign data   
  • Transparency into customer journey   
  • Campaigns optimized based on conversion rates and costs

Campaigns Aligned With  Your Objectives

For each individual client, DMS creates customized, cohesive paid search and PPC strategies aligned with objectives and designed to get results.   

  • Landing Pages: A clear call to action (CTA) and simplified form fields deliver strong results. We A/B test to continuously improve conversion rates.   
  • Dayparting: Traffic and conversion trends help us determine optimal  days and hours for your campaigns to run with minimal waste.   
  • Phone Numbers: Click-to-call (CTC) technology allows us to place phone numbers directly within your ad copy and on your landing pages.   
  • Mobile Mindset: We utilize mobile landing pages and CTC phone  numbers along with mobile-specific bid adjustments.   
  • Dynamic Bidding: We strategically increase traffic while optimizing costs.

Once your campaigns are running, we assess and adjust keyword bids to increase traffic and optimize cost. We also run tests in other areas, including URL updates, mobile short forms, readvertising and more.

Complete Campaign  Transparency

DMS managed services clients have full transparency into every  campaign element.   

  • Reporting includes every campaign detail from keywords and  ad copy to clicks, conversion rates and spend details

Google Readvertising:  Target People Who Have  Visited Your Site But Have Not Converted

Google readvertising displays your branded ads to an audience that has already shown interest in your brand. Using millions of sites within the Google Display Network (GDN), brand awareness can be maintained and conversion encouraged.

Tap Into DMS Expertise  To Scale Your Campaigns

The DMS managed services team leverages performance advertising and media buying expertise across DMS to develop, execute and optimize integrated, cross-channel advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients. We create strategies that connect with tightly defined audiences to build brand awareness, boost engagement and drive conversions.

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