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5 Ways to Combat the New Google Layout and Boost Your Website Traffic

October 17, 2016 Digital Media Solutions

After all the changes Google has made recently, including the removal of the right rail, it may seem like you have no influence over your website’s rankings. It feels like Google holds all the cards because it alone commands the design of the search results page. This is true. But you control your marketing strategy. And that gives you a lot of power.

Don’t give up. There are many approaches you can take to improve your overall SEO performance.

Here are our top five.

1. Rank number one.

I’m sorry, but it’s true. You will get the most visibility if you can strategize a way to outrank your competition. Concentrate on highly searched, long-tail keywords. They are more targeted to what you’re selling and less competitive.

2. Focus less on the highly commercial queries.

Don’t enter into a competition you’re not likely to win. Instead, emphasize keywords you can dominate. Identify search queries that are valuable to your business, but don’t trigger a significant number of ads, and focus more heavily on them.

3. Create content to target informational search queries.

Get around the paid ad roadblock by generating content that answers the questions your customers are asking. Develop content to offer the advice they want or provide the tools they need to make the right purchase. Informational content, supplemented with a light call to action or unforced path to purchase, can create loyal customers while improving your SEO performance.

4. Participate in PLAs.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Product listing ads are becoming a staple of ecommerce search results. They’re visually appealing and always at the top of a search results page. If you can offer competitive pricing, PLAs will work very well for you.

5. Balance paid search budgets strategically.

Spending more where you can’t drive performance organically is often a sound strategy. But sometimes the opposite can work as well. Owning the top organic spot plus a top paid spot (like a PLA) will drive substantial traffic volume to your site, simply because you’re listed everywhere a searcher might click.

The velocity of changes coming from Google has increased, and we expect more user experience enhancements to come. Contact DMS to request a free SEO audit, and we’ll work together to develop strategies that boost your search results and your overall marketing performance.

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