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Bing Improves Ecommerce Options With Visual Search Update: Just The Facts

July 14, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Like Google, and many social media platforms, Bing Shopping has recently updated several of its shopping-focused features to facilitate easier online shopping. According to Bing, the addition of visual search to product ads, will “significantly improve the product search experience of our shoppers. And the improved product discovery better enables the businesses on our platform.”

How Does Visual Search Work For Bing Shopping?

Photo from Bing

After performing a shopping search for a product, Bing users can click on the visual search icon to find products that closely resemble their initial search results. Users can “now discover products that match the visual design across all sellers in our [Bing Shopping] platform.” At this point, the new Bing Shopping visual search is for clothes and shoes only, but Bing says it will be expanding to home goods soon. 

Photo from Bing  

What Other New Features Is Bing Shopping Offering To Improve Ecommerce?

In addition to appearing after users perform a product search, the visual search icon is also in the Bing search bar and can be used to upload product photos or URLs. This use of visual search allows searchers to visually compare prices and similar products across Bing Shopping sellers. 

Bing has also added a “goes well with” button, so users can put together full outfits based on Bing’s suggestions.

Why Are Bing’s Enhanced Ecommerce Features Important To Digital Marketers?

Ecommerce has seen an uptick during coronavirus, and many technology brands and other online platforms have accelerated or added to their ecommerce features to make online shopping easier and more turnkey for users. The increase in shopping features, like the Bing Shopping visual search tools, could increase visibility for brands that are able to effectively leverage the ecommerce updates across their digital strategies. 

However, as Search Engine Land point outs ecommerce enhancements, like Bing’s visual search, could also increase options for shoppers, creating a more “competitive environment” for brands. Staying ahead of other retailers requires differentiation, brand building across channels and targeting strategies that find shoppers who are ready to buy. 

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