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Companies Update Websites To Tackle Today’s Realities

April 21, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Quarantines across the globe have forced people to become significantly more reliant on the internet as a way to communicate, work, learn, stay entertained and purchase everyday necessities. This demand for online services and desire for timely, helpful information has made many companies prioritize updating their websites to connect with consumers, share helpful messages and keep their businesses thriving.

Brands Are Incorporating Advanced Digital Tools Into Websites

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Many companies have adopted improved digital tools to make online ordering easier and advertisements more effective. Nathan's Famous, for example, recently invested in new technology which allows the company to produce ads on the fly based on what's trending throughout the chain’s online channels. According to MarketingDive, each ad uses geotargeting and audience segmentation to optimize who sees the ad. 

According to Nathan’s, after just one month of using the advanced digital tools, more than 100,000 customers within a four-mile radius of restaurant locations saw the advertisements, with the campaign averaging a lower cost per click than the chain’s typical digital ad campaigns and efficiency calculated at 10 times better than their traditional direct mail efforts.

Nathan's tech-forward approach to marketing in a COVID-19 world follows a new trend among several companies that have made conscious efforts to have the adequate technology in place on their websites in order to keep up with the surge of online use. Companies that advance their digital marketing strategies and prioritize their online presences have better chances of remaining consistent in the eyes of their audiences while trimming wasted media spend. 

Brands Displaying Transparent Messaging & COVID-19-Related Information On Company-Owned Websites

Right now, the center of nearly every company is its website, and as more and more consumers turn to brands for support and reassurance amid the ongoing pandemic, it is more important than ever for a brand’s online messaging to remain transparent and directly reflect the current situation. Acknowledging the impact of the virus on a business and the actions a company is taking to address it will resonate well with many audiences, as 49% of consumers stated they want advertisers to keep them informed about their COVID-19 actions, according to a recent study. 

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Several major brands have taken the necessary steps to provide current policies and updates regarding their coronavirus-related changes. Amazon recently launched a daily blog, providing updates on its health and safety practices, grocery delivery and community outreach. Facebook began providing templates to help businesses communicate key messages in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Google, on the other hand, launched a new website entirely, focused solely on providing consumers with helpful information surrounding the pandemic. According to Google, the site will offer “state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19 and further resources for individuals, educators and businesses.” Alongside the website, Google also shared its plans to begin providing enhanced information cards for people who search coronavirus-related terms. 

A Strong Online Presence Is More Important Than Ever

Today more than ever before, a company’s website has become one of the main platforms that can make or break a brand. Businesses that carefully plan and improve their strategies surrounding their owned digital channels will be better equipped to support their customers through this pandemic and beyond. 

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