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Facebook Machine Learning Offers Tailored Ads: Just The Facts

December 9, 2019 Sarah Cavill

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In their latest advertising feature update, Facebook is rolling out machine learning capabilities that deliver more tailored ads based on user preferences. These new targeted dynamic ads take the burden off of busy advertisers who want customization but don’t have the resources to properly execute and scale the most targeted campaigns. The Facebook ad feature update is deploying two different ways:

  • Dynamic Formats and Ad Creative for Dynamic Ads
  • Multiple Text Optimization in Single-Media Ads

How Will Facebook Serve Personalized Ads?

According to Facebook’s announcement about their new personalized ads capability, “Facebook machine learning combines data and signals from our platform, with insights you share, in order to make predictions for who the right people are for a given message. As people take different actions on and off Facebook, it creates intent signals that help us deliver a more tailored ad experience.” Facebook will provide the personalized ad targeting for organic and paid content, and they will continuously tweak the prediction model for even better outcomes in the future.

What Personalization Will Be Available With Facebook Dynamic Ad Formats?

Facebook Dynamic Ad Formats

Facebook wants to “meet people where they are in the customer journey” by matching ad formats with what different users prefer while scrolling Facebook. This is the “dynamic formats and ad creative” portion of the new ad feature update. If a user prefers collection ads over catalog ads, that user will be served that ad format. Although both dynamic ad formats are multi-card ads, each one may appeal to different audiences and serve different marketing objectives. The Facebook dynamic ad system allows advertisers to create ads that may include video, various descriptions and custom images, which will be served in the combination most likely to generate results from individual users. Facebook has found “dynamic formats and ad creative outperformed carousel-only ads in driving lift across content views, add-to-cart, purchases and sales.”

What Personalization Is Available For Single-Media Ads On Facebook?

Text optimization for single-media ads is the other updated Facebook ad feature. The Facebook announcement explains, “Multiple text optimization enables advertisers to input multiple text options for the primary text, headline and description fields, when creating single-media ads for traffic, app installs and conversions objectives.” Facebook’s machine learning then optimizes ad deployment using various text options to maximize performance with targeted audiences.

How Is The New Facebook Ad Delivery System Useful For Marketers?

Consumers crave quality personalization that doesn’t feel intrusive. Facebook’s new machine learning ad delivery system allows advertisers to deliver personalization, while still offering engaging creative and targeted messaging, ideally leading to improved performance for advertisers and enhanced consumer experiences. 

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