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Hilton Leverages Their History And Cause Marketing To Celebrate Hilton Employees

March 29, 2019 Sarah Cavill

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It’s been 50 years since John Lennon and Yoko Ono used their honeymoon as a protest. The famous duo’s Bed-In for Peace at Hilton hotels in Amsterdam and Montreal aimed to bring attention to the escalating war in Vietnam. As Hilton nears its 100th anniversary, they are leveraging John and Yoko’s moment for a content series called “Room 702,” which shines a spotlight on employees who are making a difference and overcoming difficult circumstances.

The Room 702 Content Series Embodies The Hopeful Messaging Hilton Promotes

The “Room 702” content series currently includes two videos sharing the stories of Serby Castro and Ismaeil Dawod, who capture the spirit of John and Yoko’s call to action. Castro, a suite attendant at an Orlando Embassy Suites, recycles leftover soaps for distribution to areas around the world struggling with access to basic hygiene. The video spotlights her unassuming work, and concludes with her taking a trip back to the Dominican Republic to see the impact she’s made.

Dawod, a Syrian refugee who escaped the war, is an apprentice at a Frankfurt, Germany Hilton. Dawod’s “Room 702” video follows his daily interactions with employees and guests, and the different aspects of the training program in which he’s enrolled at Hilton. His drive, friendliness and language skills earn him a special surprise at the end of the video.

The “Room 702” videos are meant to highlight Hilton’s ongoing commitment to promoting cultural understanding around the world through travel, a vision Conrad Hilton had for the hotel at its inception. “While Hilton has evolved over the last century, transforming the industry along the way, one thing has been constant — the positive impact we have on guests, team members and our communities. The world is a better place because of Hilton, and if we remain committed to our vision, the world will continue to be a better place because of our presence,” said Hilton President & CEO Christopher J. Nassetta.

The John And Yoko Inspired Content Aligns With Hilton’s Cause Marketing Efforts

John And Yoko Hilton

“Room 702” isn’t the only cause marketing campaign Hilton has undertaken. Like “Room 702,” Hilton’s sustainability campaign “Travel with Purpose” embraces the hotel chain’s messaging to leave the world better off through travel and cultural exchange. “Travel with Purpose” aims to “redefine sustainable travel” by 2030. Hilton wants to reduce their environmental footprint by 50% and increase their social impact by the same amount in the next 11 years.

As heritage brand hotel chains are facing pressure from outside disruptors like Airbnb, they have begun to employ big, bold marketing ideas to set them apart. This need for innovation will only grow, with recent data indicating that American consumers spent more on Airbnb last year than Hilton. It is becoming increasingly obvious that consumers, particularly Millennials, are more likely to use a brand that makes its values known or aligns with important causes. The “Room 702” content marketing series and “Travel with Purpose” both tap into this consumer trend. Other trends hotels are embracing to entice customers and maintain relevancy include, user generated content, targeted blog posts and strategic storytelling on social media.

The “Room 702” videos are currently available on YouTube and Hilton’s social media channels. There is also an exhibit at the Hilton Amsterdam with video, photography and tours of the iconic room 702.

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