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Pest Control Campaigns Must Reach Consumers When Most Needed

May 26, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Pest control companies are need-based services that must stay top of mind for consumers with differentiated services, industry expertise and memorable marketing campaigns

Eco-Wise Pest Control And TruTech Provide Unique Services

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Many pest-control companies do similar things, making brand awareness and perceived differentiation important parts of helping consumers choose businesses when problems start buzzing around. Within the pest-control industry, there are brands that offer unique services. For example, Eco-Wise Pest Control offers ecologically friendly methods for dealing with pests, which may appeal to younger consumers who are more concerned about the impact insecticides have on the planet. TruTech and Critter Control specifically specialize in removal of animals and rodents, and their expertise may differentiate them from brands that offer a wide range of services, but which don’t specialize. 

Especially for smaller or regional pest control companies that don’t benefit from nationwide advertising campaigns, creating email subscriber lists should be a priority. Email marketing campaigns, built from robust opted-in subscriber lists, can be an effective way to regularly reach consumers. Pest control email marketing campaigns should emphasize seasons when consumers might be thinking about pest control, like during the summer months or before and after weather that may cause problems, such as a wet spring.

Terminix Tugs At Heartstrings With New Campaign

At the heart of many marketing campaigns, particularly for home services, is the love most people have for their homes. Home is where families gather, children grow and memories are made, and that’s just the mood Terminix is tapping into with its new “Protect the Pure Joy of Home” campaign. The Terminix commercials are focused on the little things that make homes special, while highlighting the pest-fighting services that Terminix provides. When consumers are trying to choose businesses to work with, brands that make them feel cared about are more likely to be memorable. And, whether intentional or not, the Terminix campaign may appeal to people around the country who want to make the most of their homes during quarantines.

TruGreen Deploys Content Marketing To Share Expertise

With 40 years of experience, TruGreen has a lot of brand recognition. However, many consumers associate TruGreen solely with lawn care. To change this narrow perception, TruGreen takes a strong content marketing approach to their pest control consumer engagement with videos and blog posts. TruGreen’s very comprehensive blog includes many posts about pest control options and management, including TruGreen’s own services. Their YouTube channel offers similar advice and assistance. 

Content marketing is a useful strategy for brands that want to appear authoritative and trustworthy, which is particularly important for service brands and even more so for brands selling services they are less known for. By creating a catalog of information and video about pest management, TruGreen is offering reassurance to consumers. Additionally, consumers who have already used TruGreen for lawn care can be targeted by TruGreen via email or SMS messaging campaigns touting their expertise with pests, or offering bundling services and discounts like TruGreen’s TruComplete Service.

Whether regional businesses or heritage brands with built-in brand awareness, pest control companies must be top of mind for consumers when pest problems occur. By deploying innovative and targeted multi-channel campaigns, including lead generation efforts and strategic email outreach when consumers are likely to be looking, the differentiated and unique services of the need-based pest control industry can be highlighted when consumers are ready to buy.

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