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Personalized & DIY Products Like Photo Gifts Look To Be Hot For The Holidays

October 13, 2020 Sarah Cavill

Shutterstock_1330051943 Hand senior woman and child holding a family photo album against the background of the a wooden table.

Family photos this year may not reflect the usual trips and celebrations, but many families that aren’t able to be together are reminiscing with old photos and looking forward to future reunions. Personalized photo books, art objects and gifts for recording memories may be the perfect items this holiday season, especially when so many people are missing the usual gatherings and special occasions. 

According to a recent report by, the overall personalized gifts market in the U.S. is estimated at $7.6 billion in 2020, with the photo personalized gifts segment predicting “8.8% CAGR for the next 7-year period.”

Shutterfly Captures Consumers Purchasing Photo Gifts With Coupons And Promotions 

Shutterfly, a popular brand for photo books and holiday cards, is the dominant brand in the photo product market, offering a variety of products, services and discounts in order to appeal to a wide range of consumers. The brand’s coupon codes often offer reduced shipping and discounts on large orders. Recently, Shutterfly has been emphasizing use of their app to create a streamlined, easy process for customers who prefer mobile. The variety of products that Shuttefly offers, from page decorations to different layouts, appeal to the DIYer, while the “make my book” premium service is ideal for people who want the end product without the effort. Coupons, promotions and mobile-optimized purchases appeal directly to the needs of today’s consumers.

Parabo Specializes In Art Prints, Offering An Alternative To Traditional Photo Gifts


The uptick in ecommerce and deal hunting over the last year has amplified the need for brands to differentiate their offerings. There are many brands out there making photo books, but offering personalization of similar products in addition to photo books could be the ticket to standing out. Additionally, offering sales or low shipping on bundled or multiple products could lead new visitors to buy more than initially planned. Parabo Press offers art prints made from personal photographs in unique shapes, sizes and color options, calendars and art objects. The pieces offer updated versions of typical canvas prints, geared more toward consumers interested in style and substance. The start-up also has a robust blog on its site offering ways to decorate using Parabo products and helpful hints on creating gallery walls and displays. Content marketing can be a very effective tool for creating trust with consumers and sharing industry know-how, particularly for smaller brands.

Instax, Ideal For Creating Photo Gifts And Art Projects, Focuses On Good Vibes And Younger Consumers With Instagram Posts 

Instax, an instant camera from Fujifilm, successfully launched the “don’t just take, give” campaign last fall, geared at younger consumers and focused on thoughtfulness and generosity. In lieu of being outwardly salesly, the campaign captured the tone and feeling that many Gen Zers prefer. Similarly, throughout the pandemic, Instax has leveraged their pull with younger users on Instagram. The brand focused on a personalized strategy that emphasises using the charming instant Instax photos to capture the calm moments, make DIY projects like scrapbooks and create memorable art installations with photos of friends. Instax also deploys user-generated content (UGC), sharing the photos taken by Instax users on Instagram Stories. Social media use has accelerated during the last seven months, with many brands optimizing their marketing efforts to reach social media users. For a brand like Instax, targeting younger consumers, social media campaigns are a natural fit at any time, and especially with holidays on the horizon.

Targeted digital marketing strategies, including discounts and promotions, content marketing and social media campaigns, can create connections with consumers that encourage trial and repeat purchases while instilling trust and good feelings about brands. Heading into the holidays, many consumers will be looking for gifts that resonate after a tough year, and photo gifts are likely to be one of the niche items that meets those needs in 2020.

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