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Facebook Ad Volume Limits: Just The Facts

November 19, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Facebook recently introduced an Ad Volume API (Application Programming Interface), that, according to a recent Facebook blog post, “will help advertisers understand how many ads they’re running and prepare for the upcoming ads limitations that will be introduced next year.” Facebook has released very few specifics about the new ad volume limits.

Shutterstock_558278911 OXFORD, UK - JANUARY 17th 2017: Facebook logo printed onto paper. Facebook is a popular social media service founded in 2004

Who Will Be Affected By The Facebook Ad Volume Limit Change?

The Facebook ad volume limits are slated to start sometime in mid-2020. It appears only a small number of advertisers will be impacted. More details about the number of ads each page will be able to run should be forthcoming in the new year.

Why Is Facebook Introducing Ad Volume Limits?

Seasoned advertisers understand that too many ads can dilute the effectiveness of a marketing campaign — an understanding that is supported by the pending Facebook ad volume limit change. From the Facebook blog, “We’re implementing ad limits because very high ad volume can hinder an advertiser’s performance.” Also, by limiting the ad volume, campaigns can be more effectively managed, which provides enough time for sufficient campaign insights, allowing for optimization before budgets run out.

What Else Can Advertisers Expect From The Facebook Ad Volume API?

In order to get advertisers ready for the upcoming ad volume limit, the Ad Volume API allows advertisers to track ad volume for ad accounts. Facebook said, “In the future, this API will also track a Page’s ad volume across ad accounts and the number of ads that each Page will be permitted to use.” Advertisers planning their marketing strategies for 2020 should keep a close eye on future Facebook updates about the ad volume limit change.

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