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Facebook AR Ads: What to Know

July 18, 2018 Samantha Lish

Following in Snapchat’s lead, Facebook is enhancing their ecommerce platform by offering new advertising that uses augmented reality (AR).

 “It’s our belief that better marketing equals to better shopping, which leads to growth for your business,” said Ty Ahmad-Taylor, VP of Business Product Marketing at Facebook, when introducing Facebook AR Ads.

What are Facebook AR Ads?

Through device cameras, Facebook’s new AR ads leverage the technology of augmented reality to draw in users and persuade purchases by virtually placing products on users or in users’ immediate space. In other words, Facebook’s most recent ads bring the dressing room to the shopper.

Where and when were Facebook AR Ads released?

Facebook began testing their AR ads on July 10, 2018. Facebook AR ads are now available for users to test within newsfeeds on the Facebook mobile app. For now, AR ads aren’t available on Instagram or on the Facebook Messenger app.

What do Facebook AR Ads mean for you?

If you’re a marketer or advertiser…

Consider adjusting your marketing strategy to test the new ad format. Especially while Facebook AR ads are new, you can anticipate the novelty driving user engagement. Decide which products would be most engaging for users to virtually toy with, then gather data and analyze your results.

If you’re a user…

Get ready to try on new wardrobes and products without leaving your seat. Advertisements with AR will bring a new level of convenience to shopping. For example, the new Michael Kors ad allows users to virtually try on the latest sunglasses and snap photos to share through Facebook Stories or directly with friends off Facebook. You can even purchase the featured products right in the Facebook app.

With the inclusion of augmented reality, the future of advertising seems to be here. Convenience marketing may tap into consumers’ impulse buying, making AR ads the most innovative yet.


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