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Facebook Introduces Customizable Holiday Ad Templates: Just The Facts

October 23, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

On October 10, Facebook announced two new features designed to provide additional advertising opportunities to marketers ahead of the busy holiday shopping season: new customizable Stories templates and enhanced Instagram Direct messaging functionality.

What Types Of New Customizable Stories Templates Is Facebook Releasing?

In an effort to provide more vertical, full-screen ad template options for businesses with limited time and resources, Facebook has introduced customizable Stories templates, available for use across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Within Facebook Ad Manager, marketers can choose templates and customize the background colors, music and call-to-action effects.

These visually appealing presentation options afford Facebook advertisers opportunities to showcase their offerings on their Stories in new ways as consumers begin their holiday shopping. Facebook noted that the new Stories templates are being rolled out gradually, so advertisers should continue to monitor their Ad Manager accounts to check for the new feature availability.

What New Instagram Direct Messaging Capabilities Are Available?

Facebook announced additional features to help advertisers better manage customer communications in advance of the holiday rush. In the coming weeks, advertisers will be able to set up labels (like new customer or VIP) and search through contacts to make communication more efficient.

Advertisers will also be able to streamline communications by creating away messages and instant replies, automatic responses to initial messages from customers and prospects that can include typical response times and more information about their businesses. Businesses can further streamline communications by setting up saved replies to answer common questions, like shipping or return policies.

How Do The New Facebook Advertising And Messaging Features Impact Marketers?

As the holiday shopping rush begins to pick up, advertising platforms are eagerly innovating to create more opportunities for marketers to reach consumers in new ways. Much like the recent Google Shopping update, Facebook has found another way to make it more convenient for marketers to engage with consumers, ultimately creating a more streamlined shopping experience for advertisers and shoppers alike.

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