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Facebook And Instagram Cross-Posting: The Facts & Important Considerations

February 6, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Facebook is gently easing in ways for users and brands to cross-post content to Instagram and vice versa.

Why Is Facebook Allowing Cross-Posting Between Facebook And Instagram?

Cross-posting between Facebook and Instagram social platforms, both owned by Facebook, Inc., allows additional content on both sites while presenting the opportunity to increase engagement. Users and brands can now cross-share single-image posts.

Where Is Cross-Posting Available?

Facebook Instagram Cross-Posting

Facebook, Inc. is rolling out cross-posting functions, which will become available to all users and pages.

Cross-posting is also available from Instagram Stories to Facebook stories. Users see an option under their Story Controls to share their Instagram story content to their Facebook stories. After scrolling to the bottom of their Story Controls, users can select the bottom option to share all content across both platforms.

Facebook Instagram Cross-Posting

And when users publish a text-only post on Facebook, they will be offered the option to add one of their Instagram photos to the post. After drafting content, Facebook will add a pop-up within the draft that offers users a variety of photos from their Instagram accounts. Users can then select one photo to add.

facebook instagram cross-posting

Cross-posting is available for page admins, too, when they share an update on Facebook. The option can be selected when a post is drafted, just above the “Share Now” button.

Why Did Facebook, Inc. Enable Cross-Posting Between Facebook And Instagram?

Facebook enabled cross-posting because of the site’s decline in the news feed. Social Media Today reports the option to cross-post across multiple platforms gives Facebook and Instagram more content, which is said to improve engagement, time on site and other metrics. If one platform’s engagement starts to slip, cross-posting from the other platform can help boost performance with more content.

How Does Cross-Posting Between Facebook And Instagram Affect Marketers?

Cross-posting between these platforms can help gain more organic exposure and has the potential to increase engagement, all with less effort on the marketers’ side. Facebook is also testing cross-posting across WhatsApp and Instagram.

Details To Consider Before Cross-Posting Content On Facebook And Instagram

Facebook and Instagram should be used for two different purposes. Marketers should take caution when cross-posting as Facebook is more text-heavy and Instagram is more visual.

Cross-Posting Content On Facebook And Instagram

Content that performs well on Facebook may not perform well on Instagram, as the formatting and user intentions for the social media sites differ. Plus, the audience on Facebook is most likely to be older and more educated than the Instagram audience.

While cross-posting offers the possibility for more content on both social media platforms, marketers should be sure to carry out distinct strategies for each site. Be careful not to neglect a site’s purpose, audience or algorithm.

While Facebook enabling cross-posting to and from Instagram wasn’t an unpredictable move, it opens up potential for more content on both sites and therefore, more engagement and interaction with less effort.

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