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Frozen 2 Anticipated To Dominate Marketing This Holiday Season

November 14, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

Frozen 2 hits theaters November 22, just in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Disney dropped their first trailer for the movie on February 13, and it logged 116.4 million views in the first 24 hours, making it the most viewed animated trailer of all time. There is no doubt Frozen fans have been eagerly awaiting this film. When Frozen made its box-office debut in 2013, Disney did not anticipate its meteoric success. Demand for Frozen products has not cooled down. For Frozen 2, Disney is ready to capitalize on audience demand, relying heavily on social media to create and maintain brand and character engagement.

Audiences Are Not Letting Go Of Frozen Anytime Soon

Frozen is the 15th highest-grossing movie of all time, and the craze has yet to melt. In fact, Frozen has evolved into a global brand, and a larger-than-life franchise. Since Frozen’s original release, Disney continued to keep Elsa and Anna relevant. Since the movie’s original release, Disney released a sing-along version of the movie, animated short films, a Broadway show, a Disney theme park attraction, a video game and an ice-skating show.  

The user-generated content (UGC) for Frozen has also been a goldmine. Disney did not let the organic buzz of YouTube videos of kids and adults belting out the movie’s famous lyrics go unnoticed. Instead, Disney smartly and strategically capitalized on viral social moments, sharing personal fan experiences on Disney’s own social pages.

Disney Kicks Off #FrozenFanFest

Disney created an interactive way for fans to engage with all things Frozen 2 with its Frozen Fan Fest on October 4. This global activation event celebrated the official kick-off of the Frozen 2 merchandise. More than 200 social media influencers from 30 countries around the world took to social channels using #FrozenFanFest for a simultaneous reveal of never before seen products, musical moments and in-store events. 40% of toy purchases are made online, and #FrozenFanFest enables Disney to promote the excitement for their upcoming movie digitally among consumers, meeting them where they are — online.

In conjunction with Frozen Fan Fest, Disney flagship stores hosted midnight openings so fans could get Frozen 2 merchandise as soon as it hit the shelves. Additionally, Disney launched a “shop-in-shop” in partnership with Target.  Select Target stores across the country unveiled a Disney store within Target that features 450 items, including more than 100 products previously only available in Disney retail locations. The Disney and Target “shop-in-shop” collaboration will be ongoing with 40 additional locations opening in 2020.

Frozen 2 Merchandise To Dominate This Holiday Season

The list of Frozen 2 merchandise available is growing and consists of many different categories from toys, games, apparel, tech gadgets, housewares, fashion accessories and books. To scale sales and facilitate distribution of the merchandise, Disney partnered with numerous retailers including H&M, Walmart, Target, Columbia Sportswear, JC Penney and Build-A-Bear. Notably, Disney is not just reaching out to children with Frozen 2 products. There is a wide range of products for adults, including Frozen 2 inspired Judith Lieber clutches, Chaser loungewear, a Garmin Fitness Tracker, Pandora jewelry and Citizen timepieces. Highlights for the kids include a Frozen 2 Monopoly game, LEGO sets, a Frozen 2 Instax Fuji camera and endless dolls, dress up and action figures.

As the Frozen 2 release date draws closer and the fever-pitch for all thing Frozen gets louder, these strategic partnerships and social media promotions are expected to play an important part of the  success story for all brands involved.

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