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Google Launches Recommendations Feature For Your Next TV Binge: Just The Facts

September 18, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Searching, streaming, bingeing, chilling — the world of watching TV and movies is ever-evolving to support the expanded options. Google has now updated their TV and movie search to offer personalized recommendations for users.

How Does The Google “What To Watch” Feature Work?

Google “What To Watch”

The search term “what to watch” will trigger the new personalization feature on Google. Other, similar, search terms may also work or offer a “more movies and shows” link that takes users to the new “what to watch” search feature. Once there, users will be shown a variety of different genre categories, including “top picks for you.” According to Google, this is “based on what’s popular or tending in Google products.” For users logged in to their Google accounts, recommendations will also be based on past searches, browsing history, TV and movies ratings and YouTube trailers previously watched. And if a user forgets a title or has a hankering for a certain genre, English dramas or other specific searches will also generate a list of options in the feature.

Are Streaming Subscriptions A Part Of The Google What To Watch Enhanced Feature?  

An “add providers” button allows uses to select which streaming services they have and if they have cable. The “watch options” button will tell users where they can watch selected shows.

How Is Google Further Refining Top What To Watch Picks?

After watching a show, users can log on and rate it or spend time in the feature giving shows the thumbs up or down to further refine their top picks recommendations. The first time users search “what to watch” on Google they will have a swipe right or left option for a number of popular shows, but this appears to be a one-time-only feature to collect some starter data.

According to TechCrunch, “this information [the starter data] is only being used for the purpose of recommendations — it’s not being offered to advertisers. Instead, it’s about Google’s larger goal in helping people find the information they need.” The Google “what to watch” feature is another example of the moves Google continues to make to keep users in the Google universe.

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