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Google 15-Second Non-Skippable Video Ads: Just The Facts

February 8, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Progressing from six-second bumper ads, Google is introducing 15-second non-skippable ads for Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360.


Why Is Google Releasing 15-Second Non-Skippable Ads For Marketers?

Google announced advertisers should “have access to the full range of creative options regardless of how they buy,” so Google video ad options are growing.

The brand aims to give brands more room to express themselves and their messaging creatively with multiple options for video length. The 15-second ad format was previously available only to advertisers through YouTube advertisers.

Where Will Google 15-Second Non-Skippable Ads Populate?

Non-skippable ads will appear throughout YouTube videos as they previously had and on other Google Partner sites within the coming weeks. These ads may appear pre-, mid- or post-roll while users are viewing content and may populate as previewed below, simply without a “Skip Ad” option.

google non-skippable ads

When Will Google 15-Second Non-Skippable Ads Appear?

Google uses an array of signals, like type of content and how users find videos, to identify the right time to display video ads. Other ad formats may be used in place of non-skippable ads if Google’s system determines different formats will provide better user experiences.

google non-skippable ads

How Will Google 15-Second Non-Skippable Ads Affect Users?

Google continues to implement protections within their ad systems to limit the number of ads any user sees. This way, Google can ensure positive user experiences and avoid overloading consumers with ads.

How Do Google 15-Second Non-Skippable Ads Benefit Marketers?

Google acknowledges that different ad and video formats can play varying roles in a brand’s digital media campaign. 15-second non-skippable ads on multiple platforms will allow marketers dedicated time with their target audiences and opportunities to portray their messages.

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Victoria Pallien

Victoria Pallien is a Marketing Communications Writer at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the fastest-growing independent digital performance marketing company. DMS helps its clients accelerate growth by deploying diversified and data-driven customer acquisition solutions that deliver scalable, sustainable and measurable marketing results. DMS performance marketing solutions connect the right consumers with the right offers at the right time to achieve the marketing objectives of our clients. DMS is continually innovating to provide new and emerging media and technology solutions that minimize waste and maximize results across the most competitive industries. Since its inception, DMS has demonstrated incredible year-over-year growth which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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