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Instagram’s Explore Page Advertisements: Just The Facts

July 3, 2019 Carolyn Harding

Instagram’s Explore page, which recommends posts it predicts a user would like based on previous posts they’ve viewed, will begin placing advertisements within the page over the next few months.

How Will Instagram Explore Advertisements Work?

Instagram Explore Advertisements

The new Instagram advertisements won’t appear on the Explore page itself, but instead they’ll pop up once a user taps on a photo or video in an Explore post and begins scrolling through that discovery feed. Users will see these advertisements as part of their browsing experience, just like they do on their main feed.

Within the next few weeks, Instagram will begin working with select partners with hopes of opening Explore ads up to the general public over the next few months.

Why Is Instagram Putting Advertisements On The Explore Page?


Brands play a key role in the Instagram experience. Whether looking to shop or catch up on the latest news, users are often actively looking to connect with brands they recognize and like.

According to Instagram, 80% of people follow a business on their platform and more than 50% of users on Instagram use Explore each month. There’s no question that Explore is one of the most popular places for users to discover new favorites, shop top brands and connect with different people and businesses.

By introducing ads to the Explore page, it creates a way for brands to promote the product or message they’re looking to spotlight at that time and connect with new people that may not have seen their content before. For Instagram, this announcement is a way to position Explore as the place to be for discovering the latest trends and finding new favorites.

How Do These Instagram Explore Advertisements Affect Digital Marketers?

For marketers, Instagram Explore ads represent an easy opportunity to stay on top of what’s trending, while reaching new audiences they may not have tapped into. Brands can include their latest campaigns by using automatic placements with an easy opt-in.

Marketers should also recognize Explore ads as a way to take advantage of the fact that users are already in the discovery mindset when they’re scrolling through the Explore page. These consumers want to find something new.

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Carolyn Harding is an Associate Manager of Communications at Digital Media Solutions (DMS), the fastest-growing independent digital performance marketing company. DMS helps its clients accelerate growth by deploying diversified and data-driven customer acquisition solutions that deliver scalable, sustainable and measurable marketing results. DMS performance marketing solutions connect the right consumers with the right offers at the right time to achieve the marketing objectives of our clients. DMS is continually innovating to provide new and emerging media and technology solutions that minimize waste and maximize results across the most competitive industries. Since its inception, DMS has demonstrated incredible year-over-year growth which has earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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