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Instagram’s In-App Checkout: Just The Facts

April 1, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Instagram is bringing its shopping features full circle with the introduction of their in-app checkout system. Announced in a blog post on March 19, the checkout system allows users to purchase items they see in their feeds without leaving the Instagram app.

What Is Instagram’s New In-App Checkout Feature?

The new Instagram in-app checkout feature progresses from Instagram’s shopping tags. When a user clicks on a shopping tag, instead of a “View on Website” button, users will see “Checkout on Instagram” for brands that have properly implemented the feature. Users can then select their sizes and colors and check out without going to a brand’s website.

Instagram’s checkout process will save users’ data, like billing addresses and payment information, for future purchases. So after users’ first purchases, products will only be a tap away. Consumers will also get updates on shipping and delivery through Instagram’s new “Orders” tab.

Currently, the checkout system is still in beta testing in the U.S., and only 23 brands, including H&M, Dior and Nike, are participating in the trial period.

Why Did Instagram Introduce In-App Shopping?

After research, Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, found 83% of Instagram users said the platform helps them discover new products or services. 81% of users research products or services on the platform. 80% of users decide whether to buy a product or service based on what they find on Instagram.

As noted previously, Instagram has been developing a slew of shopping features, so launching its in-app checkout didn’t come as a surprise to many. Instead, it appears to be the next step in Instagram establishing itself as an ecommerce platform.

How Does In-App Checkout On Instagram Affect Marketers?

in-app checkout instagram

If marketers didn’t take social media advertising seriously before, they need to now. Aside from Instagram offering incredible brand exposure and consumer engagement, Instagram is becoming an ecommerce site. Popular with young consumers like Gen Zers and Millennials, Instagram could become a social shopping destination that helps engaged brands reap revenues from socially connected audiences.

Younger consumers are drawn to Instagram’s visual platform and the variety of influencers on the site, which present brands with incredible marketing opportunities. Between influencer marketing and in-app checkout, brands who leverage Instagram’s shopping opportunities may see more impulse buys and consumer engagement.

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