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Men’s Grooming Brands Go Online To Grow

February 23, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Self-care and wellness, a booming business, isn’t just for women. Increasingly, men are enjoying a wide range of sophisticated shaving products, face creams and all-natural soaps to feel their best. Men’s grooming brands are responding to the demand with creative, funny and informative digital advertising campaigns that encourage engagement and drive sales.

Men’s Grooming Brands Offer Humor, Expertise And Connection To Differentiate Their Products And Engage Consumers

Several men’s grooming brands, including Dr. Squatch, Scotch Porter, Huron and Bevel, have launched digital strategies that differentiate their products and services, drive ecommerce sales and increase consumer loyalty.

Dr. Squatch Uses Humor And Subscription Offerings To Promote All-Natural Products

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch “provides organic and natural handmade soap to men who want to feel like a man, and smell like a champion,” according to the brand’s website. With an often humorous tone and tongue-in-cheek style, Dr. Squatch pokes fun at “manliness” while espousing the joys of smelling good and the benefits of all-natural ingredients. The Dr. Squatch blog includes helpful content, including narrative on the importance of providing soap to under-served communities with Dr. Squatch partner Clean The World

Subscriptions and bundles are also promoted on the Dr. Squatch website, offering consumers seamless access to Dr. Squatch products at lower price points than a la cart shopping, and often with free shipping and add-ons for the subscriptions, like toothpaste and deodorant. For men who want “high-end” products but don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping or fussing with picking multiple products every month, subscriptions are an easy solution. And, Dr. Squatch also offers starter bundles, for guys who think they might be ready for “better” grooming, but are not ready to fully commit. 

Scotch Porter Offers Exclusive Online Sales And Rewards Points To Frequent Buyers 

Many beauty brands, including E.l.f and Tarte, have popular loyalty programs that reward consumers, drive repeat purchases and gather first-party data for the brands. Men’s grooming brands are following suit, with Scotch Porter an example of a grooming brand with a robust loyalty program. Called The Insider Club, Scotch Porter shoppers can join the club to receive exclusive discounts. Scotch Porter shoppers can also earn rewards by creating accounts, sharing and following on social. Men are less likely to share their grooming and wellness routines on social media, so by creating an incentive, Scotch Porter generates interest and action. 

Huron Shares Expertise Over Social Media Driving Sales To Ecommerce Platform


Unlike women, who typically are open to sharing wellness routines they like or find effective on social media platforms, men use social media differently when it comes to grooming. Oscar Yuan, CEO and analyst at market research firm Ipsos explains, “social media is critically important to grooming and beauty, but men and women are using it [social media] differently. Women are focused on the process of how products are applied versus just the outcome of a look or product. For men, it’s a different story; they aren’t into the process yet. Men use social media as [social] permission to know that grooming is now acceptable.” Men’s grooming brand Huron leans into this social media reality by focusing on their product quality and grooming industry expertise with a series on Instagram called #FreeOfFridays, where the brand explains what it means for their products to be phthalate-free or cruelty-free. By focusing on the ethics and science of the products, Huron may be able to reach men hesitant to watch or share how-to videos. 

Huron, which sells pared-down products for face, hair and body, also offers industry expertise with its content blog and enewsletter. Well-executed content on social platforms, on websites and within email messaging can drive sales, and Huron, like many grooming brands, has a built-in ecommerce platform making purchases quick and easy.

Bevel Promotes Grooming Products With Video Stories Of Real People 

Many brands create connections with their consumers by highlighting real people, social events and important causes. Bevel, a men’s grooming brand that sells grooming products and shaving equipment targeted primarily at Black men, created a variety of video series. “How I Bevel Up,” which shows the grooming routine of company CEO Tristan Walker and other Bevel users, and “Masterclass” a series with influencer and celebrity barber Marcus Harvey giving tips and tricks on how to use Bevel products, are well-produced introductions to the people and products behind Bevel. Bevel also focuses on Black empowerment through its videos and social media campaigns, and the brand is offering online promotions for Black History Month. Brands that use videos in their marketing often see higher ROI and lead volume. Particularly during the pandemic, videos shared across a variety of platforms can create more connections and excitement from consumers who are buying more online.

Digital Advertising Strategies Help Men’s Grooming Brands Get In Front Of Consumers

By leveraging growing interest in health, wellness and all-natural products, men’s grooming companies are broadening brand awareness. Likewise, innovations with subscriptions, loyalty programs, videos and content marketing are helping men’s grooming brands get in front of consumers who are looking for grooming products and services. 

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