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Pinterest Expands ‘Try On’ AR Features

March 2, 2021 Sarah Cavill

Pinterest Try On

As consumers browse and scroll the internet, looking for ways to mimic the in-store shopping experience, social media platform (AKA shoppable bulletin board) Pinterest reaps the benefits. In Q4, which ended December 31, Pinterest revenue grew 76% year over year to $706 million, and global monthly active users (MAUs) grew 37% year over year to 459 million. In order to continue building momentum and reach consumers looking for interactive and personalized shopping experiences, Pinterest bolstered its augmented reality (AR) ecommerce feature “Try On.” Previously, the Pinterest Try On AR feature was only for lipstick, but the social platform recently expanded it to include eyeshadow with support from some heavy hitters in the beauty industry.

The Pinterest AR ‘Try On’ Feature Drives Shoppers To Ecommerce Platforms

The Pinterest AR “Try On” feature, powered by Lens, allows shoppers to click a “Try On” button in the bottom right corner and “try on” the eyeshadow, then click through to buy if they like what they see. “People have always come to Pinterest to shop,” said Jeremy King, senior vice president of engineering at Pinterest. “Once you find that particular item that inspires you, many people want to know where to get it, how to build it, how to cook it.” Or in this case, see how something looks and easily use the Pinterest ecommerce platform to buy.

Pinterest Expands The AR ‘Try On’ Feature As The Next Stop In Creating More AR Solutions Across The Social Platform 

Although the focus of this particular AR feature is narrow, Pinterest hopes to expand AR across the platform and is leveraging its current technology to grow the AR possibilities. Alex Vuocolo for Cheddar reports, “For instance, the platform is tapping into its vast database of faces, so that different skin tones, angles, and lighting conditions are captured accurately through its AR tool. The goal is to build a system that detects every item presented on Pinterest and give users the opportunity to look up and purchase that item. King called this pipeline ‘inspiration to action.’” 

Although AR can be used across consumer verticals, product brands, like NYX Cosmetics, YSL, Lancôme and Urban Decay, which are a part of the most recent Pinterest Try On launch, are particularly intrigued by what AR offers. The ability for consumers to shop in a way similar to pre-pandemic life appeals to fashion and beauty brands, who want to keep shoppers buying by offering the personalization that so many consumers crave right now. 

The Pinterest AR ‘Try On’ Feature Offers Digital Advertisers Another Personalized Solution To Encourage Sales

Many Pinterest users turn to the platform in search of something specific, and AR tools could be the differentiating factor that drives sales. Personalization is critical to shoppers right now, and AR offers connections that are likely to benefit consumers and advertisers alike. 

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