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Reddit Increases Visibility Through New Content Sharing Integration With Snapchat

October 29, 2019 Carolyn Harding

Reddit recently announced its first-ever native content sharing capabilities through a new integration with Snapchat, enabling Reddit users to seamlessly share their favorite Reddit content with friends in the Snapchat app.

Reddit’s Content Sharing Integration Is Simple, But Effective  

Image from social media today reddit launches new content sharing integration with snapchatIn order to share Reddit content through Snapchat, users must tap the “share” icon on any image, text or link-based post on Reddit’s app and select the Snapchat option. Then, users can choose any list of friends to send the post to, or add it to their Story for everyone to see.

A new sticker has also been designed specifically for the integration – which includes the Reddit logo and source information – and will allow Snapchat users to see unique Reddit content within Snaps and on Snapchat Stories. Through the Reddit app, the viewer can simply swipe up on the Snap to visit the original post in the Reddit app.

Due to Reddit’s tendency to showcase a wide variety of content – some of which could violate Snapchat’s terms of use – the new integration is only active on Reddit’s “Safe for Work” subreddit communities, which don’t host adult content and must also be in good standing, Reddit stated.

“Reddit empowers discovery and discussion that many Snapchatters love,” said Ben Schwerin, VP of Partnerships at Snap Inc. “With this integration, Snapchatters will be able to share interesting posts they find, adding new context and conversation-starters to their Snaps. As shared Snaps drive engagement back to Reddit — this helps advance the power of community and connection across both platforms.”

The Reddit/Snapchat integration currently includes sharing for text, link and image-based posts on iOS, with Android support expected to come soon.

The Partnership Between Reddit And Snapchat Offers An Array Of Benefits

The recent collaboration with Snapchat is the first time Reddit has created a native social share option in partnership with another app, and the social platform is hoping the integration will increase traction with Snapchat's younger demographic, while also providing another way for Reddit users to promote content and increase discussion.

Vaibhav Sahgal, Reddit’s Head of Growth Product, added, “Snapchat is the first platform partner with whom we’re testing a content sharing integration, and we’re excited to see how the feature will shape the sharing habits and experiences among our users. We hope the integration empowers redditors to share Reddit content more frequently, while simultaneously exposing new users to the unique content only found on Reddit.”

In comparison to industry leaders like Facebook and Instagram, the Reddit app is not as widely used. However, a large portion of Reddit content is consistently shared on larger social platforms — often times without giving credit to the original source. Through this integration with Snapchat, Reddit has given itself the opportunity for greater recognition and more eyes on its page.

chart PEW Research Center facebook, youtube continue to be the most widely used online platforms among U.S. adultsReddit Sets Its Sights On A Younger Demographic

Compared to most social media platforms, Reddit has a history of targeting an older user demographic. A mere 22% of U.S. adults aged 18-29 actively use Reddit, whereas 34% of Reddit users fall between 30-49 and 25% at 50-64, according to Pew Research Center. In a more recent study, Reddit is shown as one of the least used online platforms among all U.S. adults, falling short compared to popular platforms among younger generations, like YouTube and Snapchat. Such a prominent gap in overall usage further emphasizes Reddit’s need to attract the younger generation.

Reddit’s Content Sharing Integration Presents New Opportunities For Marketers

While Reddit’s fan-base may not be up to par with fellow social media platforms, marketers shouldn’t look past the potential advertising opportunities that could stem from Reddit’s integration with Snapchat. Combining Reddit’s $300 million funding round earlier this year (which valued the site at $3 billion), its 330 million monthly active users and the new avenues created to cross-promote Reddit content, the options for brand placement within the app are fast advancing. These developments could put Reddit in competition with Facebook and Google for internet ad spend and should be something marketers are considering for their 2020 planning. Not to mention, if all goes well, Reddit will potentially add similar content sharing integrations for other popular social networks.

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